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Monday, 4 October 2021

Amazon UK deals for Black Friday Week 2021: What are we expecting to see?

Amazon is one of the top destinations for Black Friday shopping in the UK, covering all manner of discounts and offers come the shopping event. 

It's still some time until Black Friday, but with Prime Day out of the way - and Amazon's latest devices announced - there's growing anticipation about what the online retailer will be discounting on Black Friday. We'll be keeping track of Amazon UK's sales event to make sure you can find the best deal quickly. 

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday will fall on 26 November 2021 and be followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November. But that's not when Amazon's discounts will start. 

Amazon normally makes an event out of the sales, often announcing the date that its sales start some weeks in advance, building the excitement. They normally start at least a week before the actual date, so you might start to see the sales event start on Amazon on 19 November.

Certainly, you need to be keeping your eyes on Amazon from the middle of November onwards.

What does Amazon discount on Black Friday?

Amazon will discount across categories on Black Friday, not just in technology, but in many other areas too, so it's an idea opportunity to buy gifts before Christmas.

But Amazon's biggest discounts and biggest sellers are often Amazon's own devices. There will be discounts on Amazon Echo, Fire tablets, Fire TV Sticks and many other devices. Often these are the products that are sought out. 

We'd expect big discounts on the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8. Both devices were updated in early 2021, so it's a prime opportunity for discount sales. Of course, the regular Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are popular choices and often have great deals on them. 

You'll also find phones, laptops, tablets, Apple devices and more in the sales. 

How to get the best deals from Amazon on Black Friday

Amazon will be keen to tell you about Black Friday, but there's still plenty of things you can do to stay in the picture. Of course, we'll be highlighting all the best deals right here on our dedicated Black Friday pages, but the important thing is to time your purchases. Make sure you know when the Black Friday sales actually start, because if you buy early, you'll likely be paying a higher price. 

Many deals last for the entire Black Friday event. Some things, like the Fire tablets or Echo devices will often be discounted for the entirety of the Black Friday sales period, so that's about 2 weeks. That will give you time to make sure you're buying what you want. 

Some deals won't last that long. Deals from other sellers - perhaps for a smartphone - might only last as long as there's stock of that product. If you see an great deal on an iPad or Apple Watch, for example, as long as you're within the Black Friday period, it could potentially sell out. Some products are only discounted for a limited period - and often that timespan is listed on Amazon. 

Lightning deals are something to watch out for, because occasionally they will offer a great price for a product that's of limited stock - and if you miss out, that's it, it's finished. We've seen devices like the Nintendo Switch on Lightning deals in the past.

Of course, the other thing to consider is Prime membership, which will get you free shipping on a lot of products. 


What discounts were offered last year?

To give you an idea of what you might expect, here's a rundown of devices that were discounted last year, which might give you an idea of the sort of deals and prices on some of these Amazon devices for 2021.

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