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Thursday 5 August 2021

How companies are using .new shortcuts

It's been a year since we introduced .new as a domain extension to help businesses build memorable shortcuts to their products. And since then, people from all walks of life have been using these shortcuts to get things done. We recently checked in with three teams that started using .new early on â€" Adobe, Glitch and Google Workspace â€" to see if their customers are enjoying the shortcuts they created.


Adobe launched 14 .new shortcuts to help their users create, convert, compress, sign and design elements within their apps. In this video, you'll see why is a convenient way for anyone to find their favorite Acrobat tools on the fly:

Video of Adobe Product Manager Ashu Mittal explaining why her team launched .new shortcuts like for Adobe Acrobat.


Glitch makes it possible for anyone to build a web app right in their browser and instantly publish their application. Reception for has been enthusiastic, with more than 8,000 apps already created through their shortcut. They also received positive community feedback, which led them to add new features, including the ability to remix any of their starter apps:
Video of Jenn Schiffer, Director of Community at Glitch, sharing how the shortcut has been positively received and how community feedback has led to new features.

Google Workspace 

The Workspace shortcuts (,,, and more) were the original inspiration for launching .new. Since October 2018, we've seen over 30 million docs created with the and shortcuts alone:

Video of Jaime Schember, the social media lead for Google Workspace, sharing how social media has played a key role in spreading the popularity of their .new shortcuts.

What's one thing the Adobe, Glitch and Workspace .new shortcuts have in common? They're helpful in the classroom, for both students and teachers. So as we head into fall, here's a roundup of some of our favorite shortcuts to help with back-to-school season:

  1. makes it easy to learn any subject with study tools like flash cards, practice tests and explanations proven to help with learning.

  2. allows you to easily create and host educational games on any topic.

  3. makes it easy to create a presentation for that big school project.

  4. lets you design and sell custom apparel for your next school fundraiser.

Any company or organization can register its own .new domain. Get inspired at

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