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Wednesday 11 August 2021

Give your teeth the 360-degree treatment with this futuristic toothbrush on sale

Brush and whiten your teeth with one device.

TL;DR: Get the smile of your dreams with the AutoBrush PRO 360 Electric Toothbrush, on sale for $106.99 â€" a 23% discount â€" as of Aug. 11.

Besides putting in electric motors, the overall design of the toothbrush hasn't changed much in decades. So when we saw this 360-degree futuristic toothbrush, it naturally caught our attention.

Featured on The Today Show and GQ, the AutoBrush PRO 360 Electric Toothbrush changes everything you thought you knew about brushing your teeth. It combines multiple cutting-edge health technologies into one futuristic-looking mouthpiece. When you put the U-shaped mouthpiece brush into your mouth, it gets to work covering more surface area at once than any brush you've ever owned. In fact, you can get a deep cleaning of all of your teeth (including all the way to the back molars) in as little as 30 seconds.

The AutoBrush utilizes the ADA-endorsed BASS brush technique, which brushes your teeth at an optimal angle of 45 degrees and with up to 30,000 sonic pulses per minute to help blast away plaque. It also incorporates blue and red light technology into its design, which is known for dental-grade whitening at home and preventing and reversing receding gums, respectively. You can choose from three different cleaning modes â€" care, deep cleaning, and massage â€" as well as your light therapy mode each time you brush. It's even equipped with nanosilver, which kills harmful bacteria while keeping the healthy stuff intact.

The operation is pretty straightforward. Just apply a few dots of toothpaste on each side of the brush head. Then choose your brush time, cleaning mode, and light preferences, and get started. Move your brush side to side across your teeth as it scrubs those pearly whites clean. That's it. Then just rinse and repeat for your next brushing.

Pair this baby with a regular flossing routine and your dentist is sure to be impressed during your next visit. You can get the AutoBrush PRO in white, black, turquoise, or pink colorways to match your personal style and bathroom aesthetic. 

Step into the future of oral care while the 360-degree brush is on sale. Save over 20% for a limited time and snag it for just $106.99.

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