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Friday, 6 August 2021

Be a better pet parent with this breed identification test and training bundle for just $60

Learn about your dog's breed and health, and get training tips.

TL;DR: Be a more informed dog parent with the Dog Breed Identification Test and Training Bundle, on sale for 95% off. As of Aug. 6, get the bundle for only $59.99.

If you've become a dog parent during the pandemic, you've probably settled down to life with your new furry friend enough to start asking questions about your pet's history, and how to be the very best pet owner you can be.

With this all-in-one Dog Breed Identification Test and Training Bundle, you'll get access to everything you've ever needed to know to be a successful pet parent, including food choices, natural remedies, relieving anxiety, and much much more.

First, you can discover your dog's true breed and personal characteristics with the leader in ethical canine genetic testing, DNA My Dog. With a quick cheek swab you send out in the mail, you'll learn the exact composition of your dog's unique DNA, exact breed mix, unique personality traits, and any genetic health concerns or risks. Knowing these things will help you care for your new pal in the best way you can.

Next, you can dive into all sorts of training methods. Learn how to stop barking on command, get your dog to walk calmly by your side and come back when called off-leash, and even tame your dog's aggressiveness. 

Then, learn how to make your pet the healthiest version of themselves by studying diet and nutrition according to dog breed. Learn how to feed your dog a healthy diet without preservatives, additives, or low-quality ingredients. From there, learn how to curb expensive vet bills by learning alternative remedies you can give your dog from the comfort of home. You can learn how to help ear infections, joint problems, and much more using homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy oils.

Normally, this nine-course bundle that includes a dog breed identification test and covers everything from raising puppies to doggie diets retails for $1,239. But, for a limited time, you can get everything listed above for just $59.99.

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