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Saturday, 14 August 2021

Automate your home with these smart devices on sale

Get the vibes right with smart ambient lighting.

The smart home revolution surely isn't going anywhere, so you might as well jump on the train. You don't have to go full send right away. Start small with one of these smart home devices and see how big of a difference it can make in your everyday life.

From app-controlled light bulbs to A/C automation, you can introduce smart gadgets into your home for a steal. Save up to 72% for a limited time when you add these upgrades to your cart.

NX-100 Smart Garage Controller and Smart Plug Bundle

This two-for-one deal includes two different ways to make your home smarter: the Nexx Garage Controller and the Nexx Plug. With the garage controller, you can securely open, close, and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world, while the plug lets you turn on or off appliances or devices from anywhere. Get both for only $79.99 (regularly $99) for a limited time.

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera

Always be a fly on the wall inside your home with the Hombli Camera, which takes crystal-clear video footage and immediately alerts you to motion and sound. You can control it with your voice or the app and set auto schedules for it to follow. Get one for only $39.95 (regularly $99) for a limited time.

Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller

Air conditioning is already the best modern invention, but the Sensibo Sky makes it even better with automation. It transforms your dumb A/C unit into a smart one you can control on your phone from anywhere, potentially saving you money and energy all season long. Get it for $98.95 (regularly $149).

Ultraloq Combo Smart Lock and Key Fob

This Indiegogo-funded smart lock provides extra security for your home with entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. It also features two-point locking, making your house as secure as a bank vault, all for just $329.99 (regularly $369).

Crorzar Anywhere: Rechargeable WiFi Security Camera

Get your home security setup up and running in minutes with the simple and straightforward Crorzar Anywhere Camera. With clear, quality video footage, two-way audio, and smart alerts, you'll know anytime motion is detected in the area under surveillance. Usually $149, you can snag this WiFi security cam for only $99.99.

Sensibo Pure: Smart Air Purifier

Equipped with an air quality sensor, the Sensibo Pure will measure your indoor air quality regularly and turn it on when it's needed. It takes into account the pollution levels outside, the number of people in your home, and the time of day to make sure the air you breathe is top-notch. Get it for $149 (regularly $169) for a limited time.

Cave Smart Home Starter Kit

Featuring a smart hub, motion sensor, contact sensor, remote control, fixing kit, and anchors, the Veho Cave Smart Home Starter Kit gives you an extra set of eyes in your home, customized to your liking. Using the compatible app, you can set alarms, add more cameras and sensors, and view what's going on inside your home from anywhere in the world. Use the code VEHO200 at checkout and get the starter pack for $199.95 (regularly $399.95). 

Smart Leafless Fan

This bladeless fan's oblong design and 80-degree oscillating angle make it as powerful and efficient as it is sleek and safe. It can cool off a space of more than 600 square feet and add a modern aesthetic to your room, all for just $182.95 (regularly $249).

Switchmate 2.0: Smart Switch for Toggle Style Light Switches

Magnetically attach this light switch to an existing one and automate your lights using a free app on your phone. You can get it set up in seconds and it only costs $19.99 (regularly $29).

Switchmate Power: Dual Smart Power Outlet with 2 USB Ports

Switchmate Power plugs into your existing power outlet and transforms it into a smart outlet with remote app access, voice command functions, and USB ports. Grab one for only $10.99 (regularly $39) for a limited time.

Smart 3-Way Light Switch

Replace your traditional three-way light switch with this smart one and gain app and voice control over your lights. Get a two-pack for only $42.99 (regularly $59) for a limited time.

GoSund 75W LED Smart RGB Color Changing Light Bulbs

These smart LEDs bring more variety to your light bulbs â€" 16 million different shades of variety, to be exact. Once you sync the bulb to the Gosund app, you can completely customize the lighting, from color to brightness, to suit your mood. Snag a two-pack of bulbs for only $13.99 (regularly $18).

15A Smart Home WiFi Outlet (4-Pack)

Make your dumb devices and appliances a bit smarter with these 15A WiFi outlets that plug directly into existing outlets. Once you plug a device into these babies, you can control it with your voice or the app, from anywhere. Get a four-pack on sale for just $19.99 (regularly $26).

Gosund Smart RGB LED Light Strip with Voice Control and Music Sync

This 16-foot LED light strip lets you completely transform your room with just the tap of a finger. You'll get to choose from 16 million hues and control the vibe with your voice or the accompanying app. Buy a strip for only $14.99 (Regularly $19).

Smart TV LED Backlight

Similarly, these app-controlled LED strips give you 16 million colors and eight custom scenes to choose from. They're designed to be used as bias lighting and give your TV the "wow factor." Snag some for only $9.99 (regularly $13) for a limited time.

Smart Plug Outlet Extender

Add three smart plugs and three always-on plugs to an existing outlet with this smart extender. Use the app on your phone or your voice to control whatever you plug into it. Get it today for only $14.99 (regularly $19) for a limited time.

Smart Power Strip with Surge Protector

If you'd rather be able to move your outlet to another area in your home, this smart power strip offers the same app and voice control abilities as the extender, but with an extension cord. It includes three USB ports alongside its three A/C outlets and is on sale for $14.99 (regularly $19).

Smart WiFi LED Table Lamp

Perfect for adding some flair to a kid's bedroom or a game room, this smart table lamp offers 16 million color varieties with app and voice control. It can be turned on with your touch, automated to turn on at any given time, and dimmed to be used as a night light. Get one for $20.99 (regularly $29).

Shelly 4-Pack Duo WiFi Bulbs + Shelly Motion Sensor Bundle

Control your lighting with your voice or an app with this four-pack of Shelly Duo WiFi Bulbs. Pair them with the motion sensor and trigger them to turn on when it detects movement. Use the code LIGHT30 and knock the $100 price tag down to $69.99.

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