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Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Apple backtracks on some iOS 15 Safari design changes, now offering multiple UI layouts in Settings

Rather controversially, Apple made some major design changes to Safari, drastically altering the default look of the native web browser on iOS. Now, in the latest beta, Apple has somewhat reverted those changes and added additional options within Settings that'll allow users to choose between the new look of Safari on iOS 15 or stick with the previous appearance.

Most predominately different between the two is the location of the URL bar, which in past iOS versions has been firmly sat at the top of the display - the same spot it is on most all web browsers. In iOS 15, however, Apple shifted the URL to 'float' on the opposite side of the screen at the very bottom. While this move is clearly a shift towards helping iOS work better on larger mobile displays by drifting the important content to within a thumbs reach, older users and those not as technically savvy to UI changes might find the alteration to be rather disturbing to the traditional iOS experience they've come to know and understand how to us. 

If you've already been using the iOS 15 Public Beta and you're happy with the new Safari design, you can still expect some changes to come your way nonetheless as even the "newer" iOS 15 version of Safari is seeing an update in this beta. Gone is the floating URL bar all on its own, and in arrives a new bottom bar layout that includes a separate dedicated button panel and options to enable or disable the new landscape tab bar system. 

The new options menu within Settings that'll allow iOS 15 users to switch between Safari layouts. 

Another small tidbit to note about the latest beta is that Apple has clarified that SharePlay will no longer be launching alongside iOS 15, but rather be added in a later software update sometime during the iOS 15 lifecycle. 

For an overview of all the new features coming to iOS 15, check out our recap right here.

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