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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

The Red Bull Racing e-scooter is just as insane as you expect

You just knew that Red Bull Racing wouldn't make a run-of-the-mill e-scooter, and its RBS#01 doesn't disappoint.

As you might expect, the RBS#01 is one of those gadgets that is immediately recognizable as belonging to the Red Bull Racing family. It sports the famous red and black livery that you'll see racing around a Formula 1 track, and the similarities don't end there, either.

For starters, just like sports cars, the RBS#01 comes with drilled brakes to make sure that it stops you when you need it to. It's also powerful thanks to a 750W motor that promises a top speed of around 28mph. You'll get around 37 miles on a single charge of the 760Wh battery, too. The large wheels and wide tyres probably don't help there but they sure do look good.

As for the overall construction, the carbon fibre build means that the whole thing weighs just 23kg. Then there's the oversized riding deck to help ensure you're as stable as can be, no matter which pothole-filled street you're bombing down. Red Bull Racing says this all amounts to an e-scooter that's an approachable ride, even for those who are just getting started.

One thing that isn't approachable though, is the price. Red Bull Racing wants $6,000 for the thing, although there's a $600 upfront + interest-free monthly payment option if you really want one. You can join the waiting list now. Whether that'll be a long one, we don't know.

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