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Friday 18 November 2022

The OnePlus 11 could go ceramic with a whopping 16GB of RAM

The next flagship phone to come out of OnePlus might get a new ceramic construction and have 16GB of RAM inside it based on information from a leaker.

Weibo leaker Digital Chat Station has a history that makes their reports worth paying attention to and the latest claims have OnePlus going all-in on "texture and performance" this time around.

According to them, the OnePlus 11 will feature a single-hole cutout for its selfie camera at the top of a curved screen with a 2K resolution. That cutout will be in the upper left corner, we're told.

In terms of construction, the report has OnePlus using a metal frame for the phone but with a ceramic body. That should ensure a premium texture and plenty of heft, although it could also mean a similarly weighty price.

Specification-wise, Qualcomm's high-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will beat at the heart of the OnePlus 11 with 16GB of RAM and fast UFS 4.0 storage rounding out the most important bits. All of that should ensure a fast, premium-feeling phone.

It's worth noting that Digital Chat Station keeps calling this model the OnePlus 11, with no mention of a OnePlus 11 Pro. That might come later, or it's possible that these specifications are for that more expensive model - we'll have to wait and see. Either way, the phone that is being described here sounds like a winner on all counts. 

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