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Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Realme 10 5G & Pro+ debut expected at confirmed 17 November event

Realme has confirmed that it will be holding a special announcement event for the Chinese market on 17 November, 2022 with at least two new phones expected.

While Realme already has an event planned for 9 November, that's little more than a taster for what will be the main event eight days later. The 9th is expected to see the debut of the Realme 10 4G, but fast-forward a week and we expect the company to debut the Realme 10 5G alongside the premium Pro+ model.

Realme is already teasing such a thing, saying that it has a curved screen phone on the way via a Weibo announcement post. The announcement is in Chinese, but even using notoriously bad machine translation we can glean that Realme intends to "roll out a good curved screen" for us.

As for what we're expecting beyond that curved screen, the rumor mill has Realme giving the 10 Pro+ a 108-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization (OIS). That curved screen is expected to come in at 6.7 inches and sport a 1080p resolution, too.

The less exciting Realme 10 5G is likely to get a similar configuration, although there will be no OIS and the display's resolution is expected to be lower, too.

We're likely to be treated to more teasers as we get closer to the big unveiling, but for now, we just know that Realme has not one but two announcements coming over the next couple of weeks. Will this year's releases never end?

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