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Monday, 7 November 2022

How to watch the Pimax Frontier 2022 special event

Pimax is holding a special event to launch some new virtual reality products and experiences.

The company just recently revealed more about the Pimax Crystal during a special event for that headset but now it's showing off even more. 

Pimax Frontier 2022 is set to take place soon and the company will be showing off new next-generation VR devices as well as talking about what it's calling VR 3.0. 

When is Pimax Frontier 2022?

The Pimax Frontier 2022 Event is happening soon and will be taking place online so you can watch from home. The event is focussed on the topic of "bringing the future into the present" and Pimax is teasing a "revolutionary" multifunction device that will enable you to expand your gaming experience in new ways. 

Pimax Frontier 2022 is happening on 9 November and will be starting at the following time:

  • California - 5 pm EST
  • New York - 8 pm EDT
  • London  - Midnight GMT (2 November)
  • Berlin - 1 am CET (2 November)
  • Japan - 9 am (2 November)

Where can you watch Pimax Frontier 2022?

You can watch the Pimax Frontier 2022 via the Pimax YouTube channel here. It'll also be possible to re-watch the event on the channel after it's all finished. 

What's being revealed by Pimax?

During the Pimax Frontier 2022 event, the company will be showing off new next-gen products. It says that these products will "...aim to make PC gaming more flexible, extending the playing field from board games to sofa, bed and many other use scenarios."

This is a VR device that's flexible and versatile and will allow you to move anywhere to watch movies or enjoy virtual reality experiences. It also has "numerous innovative capabilities" and will allow for easy entry into VR 3.0.

What is VR 3.0?

During Pimax Frontier 2022 Pimax is also focussing on VR 3.0. This is a set of "next-generation" standards designed to lead to an immersion that helps you forget you're in the virtual world.  

This includes several key parts:

  • Visual Immersion (Naturalness)
  • Cognitive Immersion (Self-Awareness)
  • Physical  Immersion (Freedom)

Visual Immersion relies on visuals that are so good that you cannot distinguish between the real world and the virtual one. 

Cognitive Immersion is where you become more immersed in VR thanks to things like eye-tracking and facial expression tracking that's then translated into VR along with optional lip and body tracking. This leads to a more "real-world" experience of natural interactions that complement the clear clarity of the game. 

Physical Immersion comes with the freedom of not being tethered to a PC. This can mean that the headset you're using has standalone VR capabilities. 

We'll find out more about what that means during the event. 

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