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Wednesday, 16 November 2022

How to use the Samsung Galaxy back tap gesture

Samsung's Galaxy smartphones are extremely powerful and impressive devices, but for a long time they've missed one hidden feature that people have been able to access on Apple iPhones.

On iPhone you can access a setting that lets you double tap on the back of your phone to use a shortcut, like taking a screenshot or opening Siri.

Now, at last, Samsung has added the ability to do this on its Galaxy phones, too, although you'll need to follow a couple of steps before you can do so.

How to enable back tap on Samsung Galaxy phones

Before you can access Back Tap as a feature, you'll need to download Samsung's Good Lock app.

You can find this on the Galaxy Store (not on the Google Play Store) right here.

Once you have it installed, open it up on your Galaxy phone to get a range of new options for customisation.

Thanks to a recent update to the app, this now includes the ability to use Back Tap, and to choose what actino the phone will take after you double-tap on the back of it.

The feature will only work if you have at least 15% battery life, and the phone has to be open and unlocked when you do it.

Back Tap may also not work on older Galaxy phones - so you may have to download Good Lock to see if the feature is available to you at this time.

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