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Monday, 14 November 2022

Everything we know about Control 2: Announcement, story, rumours and more

Remedy took us all by surprise in late 2022 by announcing that it's working on a sequel to Control, its hit paranormal shooter from a few years before.

To be clear, the surprise wasn't that something was in the works, but simply that Remedy would make its announcement in such a low-key way. We can't wait for Control 2 - find everything we've scrounged up about the game, right here.

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Control 2 announcement

Remedy popped up on 11 November 2022 with the news that it is working on Control 2, in the form of an announcement about the game's publishing and development structure.

We have signed an agreement with 505 Games to co-develop and co-publish Control 2, a sequel to Control. Read the announcement: https://t.co/UD1iFHvCeH

This is a very exciting moment for us! Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director of the franchise, tells more: https://t.co/KJCHIWgBlU pic.twitter.com/TuTEMr1tjv

â€" Remedy Entertainment (@remedygames) November 11, 2022

That's about as technical a reason to announce a game as we've ever seen, but it doesn't take away from the exciting fact that the game is now confirmed and official.

Control 2 release date

The announcement of Control 2's development doesn't contain any hard details about the timeline for its release, but Remedy's own short statement on the matter does contain a hint.

Mikael Kasurinen, game director of the Control franchise, mentions that "It'll take a while" to make the game, and that it's still "early days" on the project while discussing how exciting the game is looking at this very early stage.

That's your cue to assume Control 2 will take years to arrive - we would imagine it's slated for a release no earlier than late 2025 at this stage, but a later date could well be possible. This one might take a while to arrive, folks.

Control 2 platforms

The announcement about Control 2's development was actually quite categorical when it comes to the game's platforms - it confirms that Control 2 is being made for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

That means it's unsurprisingly a current-generation game only, with no development for Xbox One or PS4.

That's very logical considering how visually impressive the first game was on older hardware - expect Control 2 to push the visual envelope.

Control 2 trailer

There hasn't yet been a trailer for Control 2, or even an in-game screenshot, making it clear how early the game is in its development process.

As soon as this changes and any trailer debuts, we'll update this article to include an embedded video.

Control 2 story

Here's your warning - from here on out, there are spoilers for the first game!

The first Control told a twisting and creepy story about Jesse Faden, the player character. She arrives at the central hub of the Federal Bureau of Control, a US agency that investigates paranormal events.

Jesse finds the FBC in a weird suspended state, being invaded by something she dubs the Hiss, a force that can possess people and mess with their heads.

It's a crazy story told over the course of the game, with things escalating further and further into the supernatural, and Jesse gains more and more crazy powers throughout it.

Control ends with Jesse taking her place as the FBC's Director with the Hiss still a live issue. However, the game's post-launch DLC, AWE, changed everything.

It reintroduced Alan Wake, from Remedy's other action-horror franchise, and tied the two universes together. With Alan Wake 2 also in development and expected to come out earlier, we wonder if Remedy is building a shared narrative across the two sequels it has planned.

We don't yet have any details or indications about what Control 2's story will look like, but a closer tie-in with Alan Wake seems very much on the cards.

Control 2 gameplay

Again, all we can do for an estimate of Control 2's gameplay is look at the first game - this starts as a simple third-person shooter but quickly gets wilder.

You start gathering powers, from the ability to move objects with your mind and throw them at enemies to, eventually, being able to literally fly around levels.

It's a brilliant blend of shooting with physics-based powers and flows really well. We'd assume Control 2 will build on this for an even more action-packed array of gameplay options.

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