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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Best 8K TVs 2022: Get a future-proof ultra-HD television

The television resolution war shows no sign of stopping - there are probably countless people around the world still wondering whether now's the time to upgrade to a 4K TV, but manufacturers are still steaming ahead with even more high-res options.

8K is the new 4K, in many ways, upping the resolution to a staggering 7680x4320, and that means that the major TV makers are all rushing to get sets out for you to pick from. The good news for you is that if you're looking to pick up a bleeding-edge TV, we've rounded up the best 8K models in this list for you. 

For now, it's worth saying that these models are still on the expensive side, and there's not a huge variety to choose from at present - that's the price of being on the cutting edge of display tech. Over time, as more models hit the market, those prices will, of course, come down.

The Best 8K TVs in 2022

  1. Samsung QN900B
  2. Samsung QN900A
  3. Sony Z9J
  4. Sony ZH8
  5. LG Z2 OLED

Our Top Pick:

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