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Thursday, 17 November 2022

Apple squashed an Apple TV 4K bug that stole half your storage

Apple has issued a software update that fixes a bug that caused half of the 128GB Apple TV 4K's storage to become unavailable without first following a workaround.

The bug, which only affected the 128GB version of the latest Apple TV 4K box, meant that people were unable to install apps or games beyond the first 64GB of storage. There was a workaround that got some people up and running at their full capacity, but it was a mess. Now, with tvOS 16.1.1, Apple has fixed the problem properly.

Those with 128GB of storage found that their Apple TV would accuse them of being out of space when trying to install an app or game once they reached the 64GB threshold. Some found that deleting apps to get back below the 64GB mark and then queueing up a ton of things would initially allow them to download. But anything they tried to download after the queued downloads had finished would refuse to download at all.

The workaround could be started all over again, but it was a pain and very much needed a fix.

Those who have an Apple TV 4K can download the new update via the Settings app on the streaming box. Those who have automatic updates enabled might already find that they have tvOS 16.1.1 installed, however.

While Apple only says that the update deals with a bug that prevented apps from being installed, it's highly likely that this particular bug is the one tvOS 16.1.1 addresses.

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