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Thursday, 10 November 2022

A Horizon MMORPG could already be in development by Sony & NCSoft

The Horizon games have proven so popular with PS4 and PS5 fans that there's a PSVR2 spinoff on the way. And it might be joined by an MMORPG, too.

Sony might have already started secret work on a new MMORPG based on the popular PlayStation Horizon games, if a new report is anything to go by. The company is said to be in cahoots with NCSoft, with the latter tasked with actually creating the title. And while the company stopped short of confirming the news, it hasn't exactly put it to bed, either.

The news comes out of a financial news site called MTN which asked NCSoft about the project, dubbed "Project H". The response was simple, with NCSoft saying that 'it is difficult to confirm information about unpublished projects that are currently under development'.

The Horizon franchise began with the PS4 title Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017 and was backed up with a sequal Horizon Forbidden West earlier this year. There's a spinoff coming to the PSVR2 as well, but talk of an MMORPG is all-new. And it's an interesting concept considering there was absolutely no multiplayer component in either of the other games to have been released so far.

Something is afoot though. NCSoft job openings reference "Project H" and include one asking for people to work on "social interactions to create lasting relationships".  Another job shows the company hiring a senior writer.

There is of course no sign of when this untitled game will arrive, and there's plenty of time for it to get canned as well. But the prospect of an MMORPG based on Horizon? We're definitely here for it.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/playstation/163357-a-horizon-mmorpg-could-already-be-in-development-by-sony-and-ncsoft

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