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Monday, 23 May 2022

Top 10 free animation software for 2022

Due to ever-growing competition across the globe, professionals are investing their time and energy in creating animated videos. The notion behind producing animation videos is that they have a massive ability to impact audiences through visual demonstration.

To make captivating animated videos within no time, this article will describe the best free animation software in length. By using the recommended animation tools, you can easily create animated videos for free.

What does animation software do for you?

  • YouTube Video

Do you want to create attractive intros and outros for your YouTube channel? Animation software can help you produce alluring intros and outros for YouTube with the help of numerous effects and features.

  • Training Video

Training videos are sometimes hard to explain in words; people opt for animated videos for clear demonstrations. Through animated videos, you can demonstrate and show a practical guide to using a certain product in a short amount of time.

  • Marketing Video

To stand out in your marketing strategies, anime software offers tons of templates and effects. Using these templates, you can easily craft a marketing proposal, presentation, or project report efficiently.

  • Advertising Video

To instantly grasp the audience's attention, you can create interesting advertising videos through animation programs. You can add multiple soundtracks and filters through animation software to engage the viewers.

  • Business Video

Business projects are complicated to manage, but you can insert your data and infographics into an animated video with the animation tools. Hence, you can easily display your business presentations and project lists in a structured manner.

  • Education Video

Many students find technical and scientific concepts boring and difficult to comprehend. However, through free animation software, you can explain critical concepts by introducing cartoon characters and voiceovers in high quality.

10 best animation software online for free

1. Doratoon


Platform: Web, iOS

Best For: Beginners, Marketers, Students, and Business Personnel

Doratoon comes on top of the list in terms of reliable and professional animation software. This platform allows the users to create diverse animated videos belonging to different categories.

If you are feeling hesitant about crafting an animated video from scratch, Doratoon can assist you with precision as it consists of pre-made appealing templates and has an easy-to-use interface.

What Makes Doratoon the Best Animation Program?

The best thing about Doratoon animation software is its distinct and beneficial key features that are extremely useful in designing a perfect animated video. Some of the key features of this tool are as follows:

  • Props and Templates

Beginners and non-professionals can trust the platform provided by Doratoon as they offer pre-established templates and props for the users. The templates have different categories, and you can easily choose any template to start your work. Moreover, you can add multiple props from this tool to your animated videos for more enhancement.

  • AI Drawing and Dubbing

Through AI Drawing, you can easily draw any picture or shape with perfection. The tool will automatically suggest the shape that you are trying to draw through artificial intelligence. Also, through the AI Dubbing feature, you can conduct the dubbing by converting your text to speech instantly by choosing voice quality and dialect.

  • Path Animation

Path animations produce an extraordinary animation effect in your videos to make them look natural and engaging. Doratoon offers the feature of path animation through which you can add movement to the animated cartoons to attract the audience.

  • Animated Cartoons

Animated characters or cartoons can add an artistic element to your videos effortlessly. You can make customized animated characters within no time through Doratoon and can effectively use them in your videos.

How to Make an Animation for Free?

Step 1: Make an Account

Open the homepage of Doratoon and sign up. Now, tap on the option "Create a new video" displayed in the left section or select a template.

Step 2: Customize Animated Video

You can also import the scenes and can edit or trim them. You can also add text boxes, characters, props, and soundtracks to your animated videos and preview the results.

Step 3: Save the Animated Video

Once done, name the video with a title. Tap on 'Export' and save the video as an MP4 or PPT file on your PC.

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2. Biteable


Platform: Web

Best For: Amateur Designers, UI Experts, and Media Personnel

Biteable is a free animation software that comes with many advantages and options to build an animated video for various purposes. Through this secured and well-trusted platform, you can easily export your animated videos to several platforms or can directly save them on your computer. This tool also contains pre-made scenes that you can utilize and import while making your own video.

Key Features

  • In the in-built library of Biteable, you can explore tons of animation styles and effects that you can apply to your work project for innovation and creativity.
  • For every single animated video, you can add high-quality soundtracks from the stock library of this tool to engage the viewers.

3. Powtoon


Platform: Web, Chrome Extension

Best For: Students, Beginners, and Officials

Do you want to make instant and impressive animation videos? Powtoon is one of the top-notch anime software that is gaining popularity due to its friendly user interface. Just with a few steps, you can craft a professional animated video without requiring technical skills. If you encounter any hurdles, you can watch the provided tutorials from their platform and can extract help from the training center. Hence, this tool functions every time in creating professional outputs.

Key Features

  • To create a character on Powtoon, the character builder of this tool offers a wide range of options such as clothing, facial features, and footwear.
  • You can also upload or import your own images, GIFs, videos, and audio tracks to the animated video for customization on this tool.

4. Animaker


Platform: Web, Chrome Extension

Best For: Professional Branding and Cartoon Designers

Animaker is widely known for creating astonishing and innovative live-action animated videos quickly without additional tools. The user interface of this anime software is extremely simple as you can use the drag and drop option to create multiple scenes. Moreover, it allows the users to edit and export high-resolution videos in 4K quality in a cost-effective manner. Through this animation software, you can instantly design your preferred animation videos for business projects and educational purposes.

Key Features

  • Animaker consists of more than 100 million stock photos and videos that you can freely utilize in your animated videos and presentations.
  • If you want to upload your created animated video across social media platforms, this tool provides instant resizing in accordance with the social media sites.

5. Blender


Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Best For: Professional Designers, Video Editors, and Game Creators

Blender is one of the professional and advanced animation software that produces extraordinary results without putting too much effort. It contains very advanced features that a professional would need to design an animated video for massive projects. Through its peculiar key features like rendering and 3D painting, you can create amazing outputs within a short span of time.

Key Features

  • You can paint and draw in both 2D and 3D viewpoints and can modify the layers, colours, and brush strokes.
  • Through the VFX feature of this tool, you can conduct both auto and manual object tracking in the imported footage.

6. Canva


Platform: Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Best For: Graphic Designers, Beginners, and Branding

Do you want to project alluring storytelling through animated videos? Use and explore Canva animation software that promises to influence your targeted audience by displaying effective animated videos. You can take inspiration from their premium templates and can include tons of elements for customization. Moreover, with their integrated tools and platforms, you can increase your workflow with great proficiency.

Key Features

  • Through the background remover of Canva, you can instantly change and add new backgrounds to your uploaded videos and images for improvement.
  • You can collaborate with your team members through this tool and can execute real-time editing.

7. Visme


Platform: Web, Windows, Mac

Best For: Students and Office Employees

Just like various free animation software, Visme comes across as a reliable tool for producing diverse animated videos. On their platform, you can see different categories of animated videos, such as YouTube intros and outros and explainer videos. By exploring different categories of animated videos, you can extract a better idea of the required elements of your respective project. Afterward, you can begin editing and creating animated videos through this tool with a single click.

Key Features

  • The video templates of animated videos on this tool are available in different sizes and aspect ratios for better accuracy.
  • You can insert stickers and GIFs from their in-built library into your animated video with a single click.

8. Pencil2D


Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Best For: Beginners and Free-Hand Drawing Artists

Are you looking forward to drawing 2D free animation videos easily? Pencil2D is a simple and open-source tool that enables users to draw and paint 2D animations with great precision. The user interface is classic and simple to draw 2D illustrations by utilizing different brushes and colour pallets. Hence, users can try this tool and can create 2D animated cartoons quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Through this tool, you can easily draw both vector and bitmap illustrations within no time.
  • You can use various tools for drawings, such as paintbrushes, colour grids, pencils, and shapes.

9. Adobe Express


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Best For: Digital Storytellers and Online Content Creators

Adobe Express is one of the free animation apps that instantly transform your ordinary picture into an animated video. You can easily select the animation style from this tool and can apply it to your photo to get an excellent result. You can also add text boxes by selecting the font styles and colour and can add them to your animated photo with a single click.

Key Features

  • Before animating your photo, you can also edit your photo, such as cropping, resizing, and enhancing the facial features.
  • You can also add logos to your animated photos for effective brand endorsement.

10. Renderforest


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Best For: Professional Designers and Web Designers

Renderforest is one of the best animation software that provides every single tool and option to craft impressive animation videos. You can either create animated scenes from scratch or can use pre-made animation video templates. You can also conduct modifications on the animated video templates by changing the backgrounds, assets, and characters.

Key Features

  • You can adjust and change the colours and shapes of the assets to make a customizable design.
  • You can synchronize the voiceover with your scenes through its advanced audio editor for better illustration.


Animation videos are the best possible way to deliver your message and to display a practical demonstration efficiently. In this technological era, try to use different animation software to craft a well-organized animated video for your work projects. Through this article, you can find multiple free animation software and can begin your work instantly. To grasp high-end results, we recommend Doratoon as an ultimate animation tool. 

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