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Friday, 27 May 2022

There's a Gucci version of the Oura Ring that costs £820/$950

Gucci has teamed up with Oura for a special edition of the smart ring that will track your heart rate, activity, sleep, readiness, temperature and respiratory rate straight from your finger.

The aptly named Gucci x Oura Ring is made from a titanium, black PVD band and it features an 18k yellow gold braided trim and allover Interlocking Gucci motif, differentiating it from the standard model.

The band is 7.9mm thick and it is designed to be worn 24/7 on your index finger - aside from when charging. Sensors sit on the underside of the band and the information gathered by all the sensors can be found in the accompanying Gucci x Oura app.

You'll get three daily scores for Activity, Readiness and Sleep and health insights are provided throughout the day based on 24/7 heart rate monitoring, temperature sensors and sleep analysis.

The Gucci x Oura app also has a library of guided audio sessions including meditations, sleep sounds and breathwork.

The Gucci x Oura Ring is water resistant up to 100 metres and it offers a battery life of between four and seven days, though we didn't experience excellent battery from the standard Oura ring so we wouldn't be expecting the full seven on this model.

A light on the ring's charger indicates when it is fully charged, different ring sizes are available and an Oura membership is included in the price. 

Speaking of which, the Gucci x Oura Ring costs £820 in the UK and $950 in the US. Ouch. You can read our full review of the Oura Ring Generation 3 though if you want to know how the Gucci model will work.

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