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Thursday, 26 May 2022

No Man's Sky for Switch is nearly ready

After being announced in a Nintendo Direct back in February 2022, the Nintendo Switch port of No Man's Sky sounds like it's progressing well behind the scenes.

The procedurally-generated space exploration game has come in massive leaps and bounds since its extremely rocky launch in 2016, having been greeted with bafflement at its lack of actual gameplay mechanics.

Now, after a steady stream of chunky updates, there's oodles to do - and its latest expansion, Leviathan, has added yet more.

It's in an announcement about that expansion that Hello Games has confirmed that the "finishing touches" are being put on the Switch port right now, after a couple of years of work on the sized-down version.

Given the scale of what you can get up to in No Man's Sky, provided it has solid performance it'll take its place as the latest in a storied line of impressive Switch ports, after the likes of The Witcher 3 and Doom Eternal.

For now, despite the encouraging news, we don't know exactly when the port will release - the eShop page for it lists it simply for "Summer 2022", but isn't taking pre-orders yet.

So, if you want to explore No Man's Sky Leviathan right now you'll have to stick to one of the existing console or PC versions.

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