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Friday 27 May 2022

Steam Deck updates bring more verified games and less fan noise

Valve is regularly rolling out updates for its handheld game console and the latest of these has bought a welcome reduction in fan noise and an increase in the number of verified games. 

When the Steam Deck first launched there were only around 100 games that were "playable" but since then that number has climbed quickly. We wrote before about how to see which games will work on Steam Deck and now it seems that you can expect that number to be quite a bit higher. 

According to Gaming on Linux, there are now over 3,000 games that are rated as either "Verified" or "Playable" on Steam Deck.

We've checked and out of our collection of 911 games, there are 99 that are marked as "Great on Deck" in the library, though it's worth noting that we've also seen some games that are said to be "unsupported" but do indeed work and others that just need some control tweaking to play nicely. So the number may be larger than you think and quickly improving. 

Alongside this increase in playable games is the news of the SteamOS 3.2 update. This update to the Steam Deck is rolling out now and brings an improvement in the Steam Deck's fan behaviour. Valve says that the all-new OS-controlled fan curve should make a big difference:

"...overall it's smarter, more responsive to what's happening on and inside Steam Deck, and quieter - especially in low usage situations."

This is great news as the fan noise is one of our biggest complaints about the Steam Deck. So it'll be good to see the changes this brings. 

In the same update, Valve has also added the ability to adjust the in-game screen refresh rate on the fly allowing gamers to find the "perfect balance between framerate, game quality, and battery life". 

The Steam Deck just gets better and better it seems.

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