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Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Fujifilm introduces the X-H2S with 6.2K video and ProRes

Fujifilm has announced its latest flagship mirrorless camera, the X-H2S, and surprisingly, it's looking like a bit of a video powerhouse.

The X-H2S is the highest performing X-series camera so far, in both video and stills capabilities. It's packing a 26.15MP stacked APS-C sensor, backed up by a processor with double the speed of its predecessor.

It can shoot stills, with autofocus, at a blazing fast 40 frames per second using its electronic shutter, or 15 per second with a satisfying mechanical click.

There's five-axis in-body image stabilisation and Fujifilm claims it offers up to 7-stops of advantage.

The X-H2S has a magnesium body with a prominent LCD display up top for checking settings. Unusually, there's no shutter speed dial on this release, possibly signifying the shift toward a more video-oriented camera, and this is reinforced by the addition of a stand-alone video recording button.

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On that front, the LCD monitor is a fully-articulating flip-out style display with a 1.62 million dot resolution. It can be used in any orientation without hitting the microphone input or full-sized HDMI output.

The X-H2S can shoot video at up to 6.2K 30fps with an unusual 3:2 aspect ratio (for added editing flexibility) or a meaty 4K 120fps in the usual 16:9 variety.

The new processor allows for shooting in 4:2:2 10bit Apple ProRes internally, with a variety of codecs supported including ProRes 422 HQ.

To keep up with these storage munching codecs, the X-H2S features a CFexpress type B slot, alongside the usual SD card.

To avoid the overheating woes that have plagued the likes of Canon in recent times, Fujifilm is selling an optional cooling fan that fits to the rear of the X-H2S for extended video shooting.

The Fujifilm X-H2S will be available in July 2022, with some retailers accepting pre-orders from today.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/cameras/news/fujifilm/161348-fujifilm-introduces-the-x-h2s

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