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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7: an ultra-adjustable and motorized desk for the whole family

It has become increasingly clear that sitting in front of a stationary desk for 8+ hours a day isn't healthy for your long-term spinal health. Traditional desks aren't adjusted and designed according to your specific anatomy, and they can't be adjusted to help you change positions. Consequently, you have to sit in the exact same position for hours at a stretch, which can significantly damage your spinal health, leading to an increased risk of back pain, neck pain, and other problems.

Standing desks and motorized desks solve that problem. The height of motorized desks can be adjusted according to your specific posture, height, and anatomy, helping you maintain optimal spinal stability. In addition to spinal stability, you should also change your posture regularly, including sitting at different angles and standing occasionally. Motorised desks can be adjusted to continue working while standing up, making it even better for your long-term spinal and cardiovascular health.

FlexiSpot is an incredibly reliable brand for ergonomic motorized desks that help you maintain optimal posture and spinal stability. FlexiSpot has just launched the unique FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7, a BIFMA-certified desk meant for optimal adjustability and super stability. This motorized desk can be adjusted for individuals ranging from 4 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches in height, making it suitable for everyone. It's also incredibly smooth and stable and has unique features perfect for modern living.

This article provides an overview of FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7's features.

BIFMA-certified for super stability

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 is officially certified by BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.) The BIFMA is an approved certification body that provides manufacturers of furniture with third-party certification, guaranteeing the sustainability and stability of their products. To get certified by BIFMA, the manufacturer must pass a series of strict requirements to establish its quality standards.

Since the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 is BIFMA-certified, you can rest assured that it's extremely stable and reliable. It's built with extremely thick leg columns, and the column gap is 0.05 mm, the optimal gap to ensure a smooth transition as the desk moves up or down. The base structure is also made of solid carbon steel, an automotive material that ensures optimal sturdiness.

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 is sturdy at every height, angle, and configuration. It moves up and down smoothly, ensuring your devices remain at the exact same place at every transition stage. It stands perfectly still even when raised to the highest height configuration - there's no wobble while gaming or typing. Furthermore, the desk is stable at every angle, placing the objects anywhere on the table.

Crafted using industry-leading techniques

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 represents the pinnacle of excellent craftsmanship. It's designed using industry-leading laser-welding techniques that ensure a sleek and durable appearance. The legs of the table don't feature holes, making it aesthetically pleasing. The desktop surface also features a high temperature-resistant and anti-wear coating, ensuring optimal colour consistency. The powder spraying system ensures the desk remains sustainable.

Suitable for every household member

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 ranges from a minimum height of 22.8 inches to a maximum height of 48.4 inches, making it suitable for everyone from 4 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches in height. Users taller than 6 feet 4 inches should ideally add a monitor stand to ensure greater comfort. Because of the versatility of height, it can be used by every member of the family or household.

It can hold up to 355 pounds

In addition to being suitable for individuals of all heights, the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 can also handle the weight of two adults. It has a total weight capacity of 355 pounds, so you can place any object on the desk without the risk of instability or wobbling. You can easily place multiple monitors, dual speakers, printers, keyboards, and a wide range of other workplace objects on the table.

Fits desktops of various widths

Desktops come in various sizes, and you may need to place other objects on the table with your desktop, such as printers, keyboards, speakers, etc. The frame of the E7 is extremely flexible, so you can adjust the width from 43.4 inches to 74.8 inches, making it compatible with desk boards sized 47.2 inches to 80 inches. You can select the appropriate desk width based on your requirements, ensuring all workplace devices fit on the desk without cluttering.

Hide all the cables with the embedded cable tray

Even though most devices are now wireless, you still need to use cables for charging various devices. The sight of these cables on the desk can be frustrating and annoying, making your workspace look untidy. The E7 features an embedded cable tray underneath the desktop, so you can easily hide all the wires and cables. This ensures your workstation remains clutter-free and minimalist. It can also prevent your pets from stumbling on the wires.

Select the ideal desk legs for your needs

In addition to various height and width configurations, the E7 is also available in two major desk leg styles - C-shape and T-shape. The C-frame's desk legs are structured backward to the frame, creating enough space for cabinets and PCs. The T-frame's desk legs are in the center of the frame, which offers even more stability. You can select the ideal desk legs style based on your specific requirements.

Select the appropriate style of LCD keypads

When purchasing the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7, you can choose between two different LED keypad panels - The Premium Keypad and The Advanced Keypad. The Premium Keypad is a touchscreen panel with an embedded USB charging port, 4 programmable height presets, and a child-lock button to prevent accidental touch from pets and kids. The Advanced Keypad features 4 programmable height presets, a sit-stand reminder to help you stand occasionally, and an anti-collision feature.

Multiple desktop sizes, colours, and materials

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 is available in multiple desktop colours, sizes, and materials. You can choose a desktop made of chipboard, bamboo, fibreboard, solid wood texture, or solid wood, and each material has different colour options. The desktop sizes range from 48 inches to 80 inches in width, making it suitable for different goals. All of the desktops use harm-free materials. Based on your particular aesthetic preferences and budget, you can select the ideal desktop.

Starts at $579.99 and includes a 15-year warranty

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 is fairly budget-friendly, considering all the features and quality of construction. The base price starts at $579.99, but the value may increase based on your specific customizations, such as the desktop material, desktop size, keypad style, casters, and more. The motorized desk also comes with a 15-year warranty, which signifies the brand's confidence in its product.

Early bird pricing!

While the above is the desk's permanent price, to celebrate its launch and FlexiSpot's brand day, on 25 May only you can grab it for just $449.99, before its price rises to $499.99 until the end of 27 May - this early bird pricing won't stick around forever, so be sure to jump on it!

If you have a job or hobby that involves long periods of sitting or standing still, the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro E7 is a must-have for your long-term health.

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