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Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Sonos' budget soundbar might be called the Sonos Ray

Sonos is reportedly developing a "cheap" or affordable soundbar that costs less than $250. Now, more details about this device have surfaced.

As first spotted by The Verge, a now-removed retail listing on the Colombian store KTronix revealed Sonos' budget soundbar will be called the Sonos Ray. It will be more compact than the 25-inch Sono Beam Gen 2, measuring just 22 inches long. (It will also be slightly taller and thinner.) Images show the Sonos Ray will only accept optical audio input. There's no support for HDMI or Dolby Atmos or even mics for voice controls onboard the soundbar.

But perhaps that's why it'll be cheaper.

The soundbar offers one pair each of tweeters and woofers, and it'll come with a few Sonos features. For instance, it will have Trueplay calibration, which will uses your phone or tablet to adjust the sound tuning to your room. It will also have "crystal-clear dialogue" for movies and TV shows, as well as voice assistant support so you can use another smart speaker to control the Sonos Ray. The Verge said the soundbar can also reportedly be used for surround sound when linked to other Sonos speakers.

Currently, Sonos is expected to launch Sonos Ray around June 2022. The Colombian price is about $323, but the US price should be less than $250.

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