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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

PS5 supply issues hit sales as shipments struggle

Sony has revealed that it shipped far fewer PlayStation 5 consoles in the last year than previously targeted.

It announced that two million PS5s shipped in the last financial quarter (to end of March 2022), bringing the total for FY2021 to 11.5 million. That falls short of the expected target of 14.8 million considerably.

However, it does still mean that the PlayStation department has so far shipped 19.3 million PS5 consoles overall to date - all the while under supply contraints.

And there should be better news for those still struggling to get hold of either the PlayStation 5 or PS5 Digital Edition in the coming months, Sony predicts that it will sell significantly more consoles in this financial year - around 18 million units.

As for the PlayStation 4, it's definitely on its last legs. The company revealed that just 100,000 units were shipped in the last quarter. Although last-gen game sales are still doing well, considering 117 million PS4s are still in circulation.

Sony will also soon launch its extension to PS Plus, with new tiers added to the existing setup. That could result in an even larger take up of the service, which is already doing well with a quoted 47.4 million subscribers on board.

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