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Friday, 20 May 2022

Pebble founder starts petition for a small flagship Android phone

Eric Migicovsky, the man behind the Pebble smartwatch, has set his sights on a new mission: making flagship android phones smaller.

This is something of a side-project for Migicovski, who mainly spends his time working on a chat app called Beeper, which aims to bring iMessage to Android.

Migicovsky loves small phones because they fit nicely in your pocket, are much lighter, are easier to use one-handed and don't fall out of your pocket while cycling.

These are all solid reasons in our opinion, but despite that, there are currently no Android flagships with a screen size under 6-inches.

So, in order to get his message out, Migicovsky created a website detailing his concerns with a petition to sign.

The goal is to "gather support from the community and convince Google (ideally) or another Android manufacturer to build this phone."

In his quest for a small phone, he switched to the iPhone 13 Mini, but he's concerned that this phone will end up disappearing soon, too.

iPhone Minis only account for about 5 per cent of Apple's smartphone sales, so there's a risk that this phone will be deemed unworthy by the tech giant.

Should this happen, Migicovsky thinks a small Android device, with his Beeper app for iMessage, would be a viable alternative.

With such a variety of Android options on the market, it's pretty surprising that no compact premium options are available. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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