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Monday, 16 May 2022

Nvidia job listing hints Switch Pro could be back on

The Nintendo Switch OLED might only be around a year old, but that doesn't mean certain parts of its internals aren't getting a little past their sell-by date.

Every version of the Switch has had at its heart an Nvidia Tegra X1 chip, and it's done sterling work given the output of the little console over the last few years.

From Super Mario Odyssey to a full port of Doom Eternal, there are some marvellous-looking games on Switch. Now, though, Nvidia might be looking to step things up with a new processor that could be perfect for a next-generation Switch, or Switch Pro.

A job listing posted by the computing giant on LinkedIn contains some firm clues about what the job is intended for. In the section defining the roles, it says responsibilities will include having to:

  • Create graphics profiler features for Nvidia GPUs, enabling developers to achieve higher and more consistent frame rates.
  • Implement graphics debugging features by reading / writing GPU registers and memory, and by processing and manipulating GPU commands at the driver level.
  • Work closely with internal and external partners including other peer organizations within Nvidia.

While there's no obvious mention of Nintendo, the key factor is that no other mainstream console uses an Nvidia GPU right now, so unless it's signed a major secret deal there is a healthy chance this is in relation to Nintendo's plans.

Of course, there's unlikely to be any sort of actual confirmation of Nintendo or Nvidia's plans at this point, or frankly any time soon. So, when it comes to an actual announcement about a Switch Pro or any other new console, don't hold your breath.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/nintendo/161137-nvidia-job-listing-hints-switch-pro

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