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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Neat Microphones are coming to Europe

Turtle Beach acquired Neat Microphones in January 2021 and is now launching several high-quality USB and XLR microphones in more locations as a result. 

Neat Microphones was originally set up by the same group of recording experts that founded Blue Microphones. Now the company is offering an all-new line-up of mics to a wider market. 

The King Bee II


Those microphones include the King Bee II, a high-performance XLR mic that promises top recording quality that's ideal for vocals, instruments, podcasts, and streaming. It boasts a large-diaphragm 34 mm centre-terminated true condenser capsule and is ideal for vocal work as a result. 

The mic comes with a shock mount and pop filter as standard but needs an XLR interface to run. If you like the look of this one, then there's also the Worker Bee II which is more affordable and small enough to fit in any location. 

The Bumblebee II


Alongside the King Bee II, there's the Bumblebee II, a USB microphone which Neat claims has the largest capsule around at this price point. This one is said to be versatile and easy to use with professional quality audio. It's pitched as an ideal mic for laptops, desktops, tablets and more. Also nicely affordable too.

If you need something even more accessible then look at the Skyline which is an affordable mic that's a great upgrade to your computer's built-in mic. 

The Neat Microphones brand has become a solid favourite with recording artists, musicians, vocalists and more in the United States and now these microphones are set to be more widely available in Europe too. Find out more at Neatmic.

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