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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro initial review: Luxury sports tracking on your wrist

Huawei's big health push has continued into 2022 with the arrival of new Watch GT 3 models. Like the regular version, these boast some pretty impressive fitness and health tracking abilities, but have all that fancy tech packed into fancy cases. 

There are two models of Huawei GT 3 Pro: a larger 47mm model made of titanium and a smaller 43mm model built using ceramic that looks unlike any smartwatch we've tested so far. The end result: high end tech and tracking in super premium bodies. 

Having spent a couple of days with them so far, we're ready to share some of our initial impressions. 

Titanium edition design

  • 46.6mm x 46.6mm x 10.9mm
  • Wrist size: 140-210 mm
  • Case weight (minus strap): 54g
  • IP68 and 5ATM water/dust resistance
  • Titanium and Sapphire glass

As mentioned, there are two different models of Watch GT 3 Pro, and the larger of the two is the titanium model. It's similar in size to previous 'Pro' models, which means that - with its 47mm case - it's quite a large watch. 

Being titanium means it's not that shiny, polished mirror finish you'll see on the stainless steel non-Pro model, and the case design is a bit more substantial too. It's angled, chiselled look is very attractive, minimal and timeless. Like a proper watch should be. It also doesn't look or feel as thick and chunky as some of the older 'Pro' models, which is a big plus. 

The completely flat, round display is covered with sapphire glass, that typically results in a more scratch resistant and durable watch. The underside is finished with ceramic, with the domed optical centre rising out of the middle. 

As for straps, there's support for 22mm quick release straps and bands of all types. However, when you buy the watch you'll get the choice of three 'editions'. 

'Active' edition comes with a fluoroelastomer strap, 'Classic' will ship with leather and 'Elite' comes with a titanium link band. And for those worrying about getting the right size, Huawei has made it as easy as possible to remove links or add them, by building in a quick-release system for taking them out and putting them in. 

On the whole, it's a really good looking watch and - despite its size - doesn't feel obtrusive or dominating on the wrist, thanks to its sleek profile. Having IP68 water and dust resistance, and waterproofing to 5ATM (50 metres), means you can also rest easy that forgetting to take it off in the shower or going swimming with it will not harm it. 

Ceramic edition design

  • 42.9mm x 42.9mm x 10.5mm
  • Wrist size: 130-190 mm
  • Case weight (minus strap): 50g
  • IP68 and 5ATM water/dust resistance
  • Nanocrystalline ceramic and Sapphire glass

To the second version of the GT 3 Pro, and this is a very different proposition to what Huawei would usually release. What's more, it looks very different to the titanium model. 

The ceramic model is - as the name suggests - made from ceramic. It's a similar material to what we've seen used in some smartphones - like the Oppo Find X5 Pro - and like some editions of Apple Watch in previous years. 

It's a round watch, but the shaping - in particular the gold (or silver) scalloped bevel around the edge of the watch and the metallic accents around the crown and button - ensure that it has a very real sense of individuality in the Huawei Watch product lineup. 

The watch is smaller than the titanium model - featuring a 43mm case - and is designed to fit on smaller wrists. And, while the case itself is technically lighter than the titanium model, it's definitely heavier once you take the ceramic strap into consideration as well. It's quite a weighty watch. It's worth noting, Huawei will also be selling a model with a white leather strap. 

Display and software

  • Titanium: 1.43-inch AMOLED display
  • Ceramic: 1.32-inch AMOLED display
  • 466 x 466 resolution 
  • Dynamic watchfaces

It's when you move beyond the design that the two watch models show their similarities. And just like previous versions, they both have round, bright, sharp AMOLED displays. Resolution is 466 x 466 on both, but the smaller model - of course - has a smaller display. It's 1.32-inches versus the larger 1.43-inches on the titanium version. 

Huawei has also loaded them with new dynamic watchfaces that adapt and change through the day, and will be launching a new themes specifically for the Watch GT 3 Pro. So you'll find some watchfaces perfectly suited to the white ceramic model, and others for the darker grey titanium. 

Otherwise it's much the same software that was on the Huawei Watch GT 3. It's HarmonyOS, features the ability to download apps from the App Gallery, has Petal Maps for navigation on your wrist and is compatible with iPhone, Android and - of course - Huawei phones. 

In some countries you'll get contactless payment support, although in the UK, no banks support Huawei's Wallet efforts yet. 

Hardware and health tracking

  • Titanium: up to 14 days battery
  • Ceramic: up to 7 days battery 
  • TruSeen 5.0+ sensing system
  • Dual-band GPS, HR, skin temperature, SpO2, Sleep tracking
  • Magnetic wireless charging cradle 

Battery life has long been one of Huawei's key strengths when it comes to its smartwatch platform, and the GT 3 Pro series continues that trend. With the larger model you'll get up to two weeks on a full charge, or up to 7 days on the ceramic model. 

Typically these figures are achievable when you have the always-on display switched off, even if you use the watch to track a few activities during the week and wear them to track sleep at night. Heavy users might find they get a couple of days less, but we expect performance to be strong given our first couple of days with the titanium model. 

When it comes to fitness and every day health tracking Huawei is also strong. The watch features the same TruSeen 5.0+ sensor platform we saw on the GT 3, and that means extra diodes and lights for sensing heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and even ECG (in some markets). They're joined by multi-band GPS support for accurate location and route tracking, plus the usual motion sensors and a thermometer for measuring skin temperature. 

All in all it has all the things you need, whether you want to track workouts, or just keep an eye on your sleeping patterns. All the data is compiled and sorted into easy-to-use graphics and metrics in the Huawei Health app, which will soon be updated to Huawei Health+ in some regions, with an even bigger focus on holistic health, not just sports tracking. 

Still, it wouldn't be a new watch without some new tracking abilities, so Huawei has added a golf mode for measuring your swing and a free diving mode, allowing you to use the watch to measure your free dives, down to depths of 30 metres. 

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