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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Best USB-C headphones for Android phones 2022

The headphone jack might just be dead - when Apple first got rid of it, the outcry was widespread, but we've now come to accept its absence as the default. Many Android phone makers are opting for Bluetooth and USB-C audio instead.

Removing the jack enables phones to be made thinner, use fewer connectors and be made waterproof more easily. However, the adoption of USB-C headphones has been slow because many opt for Bluetooth headphones instead. 

There are advantages to using wired though; a digital connection can help improve audio quality, as headphones can be made with dedicated DACs integrated into them, such as the Audeze Sine and iSine that use the Lightning port on the iPhone. 

So we've rounded up the best USB-C headphones we've found - there aren't huge numbers of options, as you'll see.

Best USB-C Headphones in 2022

  1. Libratone Q-Adapt
  2. Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds
  3. Logitech G333
  4. Xiaomi ANC Earphone
  5. OnePlus Type C Bullets

Our Top Pick: Best USB-C Headphones

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