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Monday, 16 May 2022

An Alan Wake TV show is on the way

Games developer Remedy has confirmed that it's working with AMC on a television adaptation of its Alan Wake series, which it will be continuing with a full sequel in the coming years.

The announcement came as part of the game's anniversary celebration, and reaffirms that Remedy sees a rich future for its horror-inflected story.

You can watch the full update video below, although discussion of the show is really brief, with creator Sam Lake simply confirming that it's being worked on.

This isn't totally new information, either - we've known for a while that the project was rumoured to be in the works, but the fact that Remedy is able to acknowledge it openly is a good sign for fans hoping to see Alan Wake in a new medium.

The original game's episodic structure was heavily inspired by, and paid homage to, horror-infused shows like Twin Peaks. It even went so far as to include recaps as you were playing to remind you what happened "last time on Alan Wake".

It's therefore likely to be one of the most natural possible fits for an adaptation for TV, and we're excited to hear more about the project as it progresses. Of course, it's just as possible that it won't ever make it all the way to our screens.

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