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Thursday, 6 January 2022

Tinder may introduce Swipe Party feature

Tinder might be cooking up a new way to enjoy its swipe-based dating app with friends, according to a new leak. As spotted by Dutch website GratisDatingTips, a new mode called Swipe Party might be incoming.

It found lines of code added to Tinder in the app's latest update, and absent up until then, which reference the mode but don't say a huge amount about what exactly it'll look like.

However, the mode's existence is fleshed out further by the LinkedIn biography of a developer at Tinder, which lists Swipe Party as their main project - so there's clearly something in the pipeline. The lines of code suggest that it'll involve multiple friends joining a party.

The safe assumption would be that they can all then watch as one of them, the host, swipes left or right through a queue of potential dates, making for the same spectatorship that people enjoy in person, but all hosted within the app.

Of course, apps as popular as Tinder are testing new features nearly constantly, and you can be confident that very few of these ever end up seeing the light of day, so this is far from confirmation that Swipe Party will actually make it out for public use.

However, it's an interesting potential direction for Tinder to go in, and there would seem to be little harm in adding a way to swipe with remote support from your friends without having to cross between multiple apps or devices.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/tinder/159597-tinder-swipe-party-mode-rumoured

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