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Monday, 31 January 2022

Masters of the Universe live-action movie featuring He-Man coming to Netflix

He-Man is coming to Netflix in live-action form, as Mattel and Netflix sound out a deal to develop Masters of the Universe into a full-blown movie for the streaming service.

He-Man has already been cast, with Kyle Allen - best known for 2021's West Side Story - taking the helm. He has the pooowweeer. Well, here's hoping he can help bring the 80s franchise to life once again.

The screenplay has been penned by the Nee Brothers and David Callaham - the latter the script writer of Wonder Woman 1984 - and is set to go into production in mid 2022.

So what can you expect? "In Masters of the Universe, an orphan named Adam discovers he is a prince destined to be the savior of a faraway land and must quickly learn of his power and the importance of saving his true home from an evil force," reads the release from Netflix.

It's expected to be a very different outing to Mattel's and Netflix's already released collaboration, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which continues the animated 80s series in computer-generated animation form. Whether the live-action movie will aim to appeal to kids or be targeted at more mature audiences - a la recent Marvel series - is not yet known.

We look forward to finding out who else has been cast to appear in Eternia, with arch nemesis Skeletor being an obvious fan favourite to anticipate.

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