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Monday, 31 January 2022

What is the best order to watch all the DC movies?

Whether it's Wonder Woman 1984, the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, or the upcoming Robert Pattinson-led film The Batman, there are a ton of reasons to be excited about the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Despite decades of movies, the "official" DCEU didn't technically begin until 2013, with the Superman reboot Man of Steel. Another DC project in the works might retcon some older DC films into the DCEU, however. Rumours suggest Michael Keaton, who played Batman in both 1989's Batman and 1991's Batman Returns, will return as the Dark Knight via a solo Flash film due out in 2022. The most interesting part about all this is that Ben Affleck, or Batffleck, may return as Batman for this same film. Flash can bend time and space, potentially bringing together Batmen across multiverses.

It's complicated, but it opens the door to connecting every DC film.

This all has us wondering: If you wanted to watch every DC film in chronological order, how would you do it? We put our thinking caps on and came up with a definitive 33-film order for every movie featuring DC characters. Since we did this chronologically, or by when each film is set, we're leading with Wonder Woman, which released in 2017 but is set during World War I.


DC movies: Best viewing orders
Chronological DC movie order (spoilers) Chronological DC movie order (spoiler-free)
'Official' DCEU movie order (spoiler-free) Superman movies (spoiler-free)
Theatre release date order (spoiler-free) Live-action DC TV series (spoiler-free)

Every DC movie in chronological order

If you'd prefer to watch every DC movie based on the order they released in theatres, we've included a separate list at the bottom. We also appended a spoiler-free version of this guide, a Superman order, plus an order for watching all the eight "official" DCEU films (which is different from our guide that showcases every movie featuring DC characters).

We even have a release date order for all the live-action DC TV shows.


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