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Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Apple honors Black History Month with 'Black Unity' watch strap and face

In honor of Black History Month in the US, Apple is introducing a special strap for Apple Watch owners that you can buy now.

The company has released a limited edition $99 Black Unity Braided Solo Loop that features the Pan-African flag's colours in a stretchable black band. There's also a free, downloadable Unity Lights face you can pair with it. Supposedly, it's the first watch face to use "2D ray tracing", which means the screen "simulates the light and shadow falling across it and the movement of the clock hands simultaneously reveal and hide the light, changing dynamically throughout the day.".

There are different customistion options, too, including the option to choose between a full screen or circular dial and black and white colour options.

Finally, Apple said it will soon make Afrofuturism-inspired wallpapers available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac via, and it's planning a variety of content for Black History Month on Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, and more. Keep in mind, in the USm Black History Month starts 1 February and ends 1 March.

The Black Unity Braided Solo Loop is available now from Apple's site and in the Apple Store app. The Unity Lights watch face is also available in the Watch app.

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