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Monday, 31 January 2022

Chord Mojo 2 refreshes portable DAC to offer more power, more control and more inputs

Chord, the UK-based manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, has updated its popular Mojo, giving rise to the Mojo 2.

This DAC/headphone amplifier is designed to be portable, with a compact form factor meaning you can plug in any headphones and ensure that you're listening to the best possible music you can.

The original Mojo was launched in 2015 with the premise of making smartphone music sound better, giving you premium grade conversion from digital to analogue and feed your wired headphones with a quality signal.

The Mojo 2 follows in much the same vein, again carved from a solid metal block, but now expanding the inputs and giving you more control, thanks to a modified button selection.

There's now USB Type-C, meaning you can connect easily and directly to the latest devices as a music source - for example your smartphone or tablet - while continuing to offer Micro-USB, optical and dual-data coaxial as options.

For those wanting to avoid a cabled source, the Mojo 2 has been designed so that it will continue to support the Chord Poly, the company's streaming attachment which allows for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or AirPlay connectivity to source devices.

There's now faster charging for the larger battery, which will give over 8 hours of playback, while there's also a desktop mode, so you can run it without using the battery.

There's a new "UHD DSP", offering 18 steps of adjustment across a full frequency range, so you can customise the output to suit your preferences or the headphones you're using.  

To aid with controlling the Mojo 2's functions, there's now a menu button, so you have four spheres along the side of the Mojo 2, with feedback provided via coloured illumination.

Chord says that the new Mojo 2 sounds better, performs better and is more flexible than the model it replaces. With more choices for high quality digital music coming on stream, the Mojo 2 will ensure you're always getting the best possible quality, wherever you happen to be.

The Chord Mojo 2 is available now for £449.

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