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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Snapchat introducing new parental control features

Snap has announced a few new safety features for its app, aimed at making it harder for adults on the platform to add teenage users they're not directly connected with.

The change means that accounts aged from 13-17 won't appear in people's Quick Add section on Snapchat, unless they have a hidden number of friends in common, to try to ensure that people aren't connecting with teens they've never met.

Snap is being open about the reason why it's pursuing this course of action, too - it's aware that drug dealers pushing opioids as part of the ongoing healthcare crisis in the US often use Snapchat as a platform on which to find new buyers.

It also says that its systems are now catching 88 percent of activity around drug-dealing on it app thanks to AI that it has watching things, letting it shut down accounts and issue bans where wrongdoing is found.

Snap also has a law enforcement operations team, which liaises with real law enforcement where necessary, and that team has grown by 74 percent according to the app-maker, again in an attempt to demonstrate that it's taking the problem seriously.

There are still more expected parental control limits coming to Snapchat to make it easier for parents to know what their children are getting up to on the app, but for now you can read more about Snap's response to drug dealing in its blog post here.

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