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Wednesday, 5 January 2022

How to watch the Asus CES 2022 launch event: The Incredible Unfolds

For this year's CES Asus is planning a virtual event to reveal its products for 2022. 

We're expecting to see a number of different launches from Asus this year and CES 2022 is the perfect time to reveal exciting devices. Though what is coming is not known at the moment, the clue may well be in the title of the event - "The Incredible Unfolds".

We've already seen some interesting launches from Asus' gaming arm - the Republic of Gamers - in the form of the compact ROG Flow Z13, an upgraded and improved ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 and new SCAR and Strix laptops, but there's still more to come. 

Excited? Well, here's how to watch. 

When is The Incredible Unfolds event?

The Incredible Unfolds event is set to take place during CES 2022 on 5 January 2022. If you're interested in seeing what's being revealed then you can catch the event at the following times:

  • London - 16:00 pm
  • Paris - 17:00 pm
  • Las Vegas- 08:00 am
  • Taipei - 00:00 am

You can head over to the official site here to find out more. 

How to watch The Incredible Unfolds event

Watching The Incredible Unfolds event is easy. Asus already has a live stream setup on YouTube that you can watch here:

Alternatively, you can watch it live on Facebook and keep up to date with Asus' social media profiles - Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. 

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