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Friday, 14 January 2022

Best PS4 games 2022: All the PlayStation 4 titles every gamer should play

The PlayStation 4 is a fine games console, make no mistake. And the 4K-ready PS4 Pro is an even punchier version still.

However, it's the incredible games that made the PS4 the winner of its console generation.

That's why we've put together a list of the greatest PS4 games of all time - dating way back to the Sony console's launch in 2013. All of them are well worth adding to your library, with many bargains available, too.

Here, then, is our list of the best games you can get for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, presented in no particular order.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


It may be a more recent addition to the list, but Final Fantasy VII Remake would easily slot into any best PS4 games line-up, even if it was just a top five. The PS4 exclusive is much more than a remaster of the classic PSOne JRPG, it's almost a new game, having been rebuilt from the ground up, with amazing new graphics and combat system that hold it in good stead with most other games released this generation.

The Last of Us Part II


Naughty Dog returns to its harrowing vision of a post-pandemic world, and picks up the story of Joel and Ellie. This time players will mostly be in Ellie's shoes, as she treads a path that few would be able to stomach, in search of justice. It's an absolutely gut-wrenching journey and arguably a new highpoint for cinematic storytelling in games. A must-play for any PlayStation owner.

Ghost of Tsushima


An open-world game that's about as gorgeous to look at as anything out there on the market right now, Ghost of Tsushima might end up being one of the very last big blockbusters for the PS4. It's lucky it's so fun, then, giving you a huge, diverse island full of locales to liberate from invading Mongols. 

Red Dead Redemption 2


A truly stunning game that provides entertainment and enjoyment for weeks. It starts slow but the amount of depth and variety in mission types will soon have you well and truly hooked. Rockstar isn't the most prolific of developers but it is certainly one of the very best. There are few open world games around with as much thought and attention afforded it.

God of War


God of War is, quite simply, stunning. Its over-the-shoulder third-person style works well for both emotive storytelling and the intuitive combat system. We particularly like the axe-throwing mechanics and, specifically, the weight of the axe itself as it travels back to your hand Thor's hammer style. No PS4 should be without easily the best God of War game and one of the best PlayStation games full stop.

Death Stranding


If you looked up "odd" in the dictionary you might find a gurning picture of Hideo Kojima underneath. But then, you're just as likely to see him under "genius". The Japanese maestro of videogames inventiveness finally finished his first masterpiece since splitting with Konami and Metal Gear, and it is everything we expected. Often baffling, but always stunningly beautiful and unique, Death Stranding is a game that you will either love (like us) or loathe. Either way, you'll be talking about it.

Marvel's Spider-Man


It is hard to describe just how enjoyable swinging around the streets in Spider-Man actually is, you will find yourself doing that for hours without even needing to complete a mission. But thankfully there is a great story and game in the open world superhero title too. Comic book fans will also thoroughly appreciate the amount of collectables and costumes that can be unlocked. And there are some great character cameos along the way.



One of the best, most unexpected hits of 2019, Control is a paranormal adventure/shooter from the team behind Alan Wake and has similarly become a cult classic. Its art style - full of pastel shades and a purposely grainy overlay - matches the theme well, with an almost dream-like ambience. And, the gameplay mechanics that introduce new weapons and powers as you progress are so finely tuned that you never feel overwhelmed by the increasing difficulty. Superb.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Although it's not one of the most well-known games, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best of this generation. Combining tribal themes with robotics and technology, the setting is as fascinating as it is unique. And in Aloy, we get one of the strongest female lead characters in years. There are many RPG elements and precise action sequences in the massive open world game. It is also one of the best-looking on the PS4, especially when hooked up to a HDR TV.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


Uncharted 4 isn't just the result of Naughty Dog's learnings throughout the previous trilogy, it also benefits greatly from the developer's work on The Last of Us. While radically different in tone, A Thief's End undoubtedly borrows some elements from its enduring horror-based stablemate, resulting in the studio's most rounded, balanced game yet.

Devil May Cry 5


Devil May Cry 5 is such an extreme joy to play - and is built on such a logical, focused structure - that you'll find yourself returning to it again and again, whenever you feel the need for a blast of cathartic, cobweb-blowing, spectacularly stylish action.



A PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne is from the same stable as Dark Souls and you can tell almost instantly. It matches its stablemate series graphically, albeit with current generation flair, but the main similarity is that both action-adventure/RPGs are as difficult as each other. Prepare to throw your DualShock 4 around. A lot.

Grand Theft Auto V


It took a while to get GTA V onto the PS4 but nobody could complain considering how much extra the improved game offers over the original version. For a start, Rockstar added a whole new first-person mode, which enables the player to experience the game from a different perspective, even if completed before. Plus, the graphics were given a tasty overhaul to make San Andreas look more spectacular than ever. And let's face it, GTA V was always one of the best games available anyway. Then there's GTA Online, which constantly breathes new life into the game. Excellent stuff.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Kojima's last Metal Gear Solid game for Konami still happens to be his grandest moment yet (until Death Stranding finally sees the light of day). Taking the franchise into the realms of open world seems to have been an inspired decision, with so much to do and missions to complete that you will be playing for hours. We also love the way you can tackle just about everything in multiple fashions â€" run and gun or sneaking around are just two ways you can complete objectives, each causing different reactions. We also recommend you check out the prequel, Ground Zeroes, too.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Not just one of the best games on the PlayStation 4, The Witcher 3 can lay claim as being one of the best of all time. It is an extraordinary feat in game design, where it seems that every action undertaken in the massive third-person RPG has an effect on the game world. Save a merchant from some bandits in a random encounter, for example, you might meet him again many hours later in a city, where he gives you a massive discount on items he has for sale. The world itself also seems alive and vibrant while the game is also capable of testing your skills so you don't just blitz through it. Superb.

Alien: Isolation


A winner at a previous Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, Alien: Isolation maybe took many by surprise with its adherence to the tone of the first Alien movie, both graphically and thematically. Rather that arm you with hefty weaponry and send floods of xenomorphs in your direction, the name of the game is survival as you are hunted through a destroyed space station by just the one Alien. Cue some pant-wettingly scary moments.

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