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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Best photo editing software for Windows 10 for 2022

Using Windows 10 and in need of a good photo editor? Then you are in a pickle. The market is oversaturated and it might take you some time to find the perfect tool to enhance your images. If you are not ready to spend weeks looking for the best photo editors for Windows 10, then our review of some of the finest products on the market will certainly help you.

In this roundup, we'll be looking at all kinds of photo editors. We'll start with the more universal tools and move on to niche products. We'll be intentionally omitting Photoshop, Lightroom, and GIMP. These photo editors need no introduction, so there is little new to learn about them. So without further ado, let's have a look at the most promising Windows 10 photo editors.

1. PhotoWorks

Kicking off our list is PhotoWorks, an intelligent photo editor for PC. The software comes equipped with all the essential tools for image editing, but has a number of advanced instruments as well. PhotoWorks allows users to automatically enhance their images - the edits are based on the image's genre and give it the best possible look. There is also an AI-powered portrait retouching module that involves no manual selection or masking, but rather features one-click presets and convenient sliders that provide surprisingly natural-looking results. The software's toolkit also offers semi-automatic background change, batch processing, 200+ effects, HDR filters, and 3D LUTs, and instruments for odd object removal. PhotoWorks is an easy-to-use program for users of all skill levels that doesn't require much RAM power. Despite being fairly feature-rich, PhotoWorks only offers very basic layer editing. 

Top features of PhotoWorks:

  • Content-aware auto-correction
  • Batch processing feature
  • One-click portrait retouching
  • Pro tools for colour correction: Curves, HSL sliders
  • 200+ built-in effects and filters
  • Face and body sculpt tools
  • Support of 450+ RAW formats

2. Luminar AI

Luminar AI is another smart photo editor for Windows 10. If you are after a quick edit, this software has a nifty solution for you called Templates. This is a set of different profiles that transform your picture in a snap. These templates change your image in terms of colour, dynamic range, and exposure. There are also manual tools like colour balance sliders, cropping and perspective instruments, etc. Some of the AI-powered features are fairly impressive, like the automatic sky replacement and fog or haze effects. Luminar AI comes with relatively decent portrait retouching tools. It has a few sliders that allow you to lighten and smooth the skin, get rid of imperfections, highlight the eyes, eyebrows, and lips, and slim the model's face should you want to. Should you choose Luminar AI as your go-to tool, make sure you have top-notch hardware. Otherwise, the program won't work properly.  

Top features of Luminar AI:

  • Templates for quick editing and stylizing
  • Realistic nature effects like fog, sun rays, etc.
  • Slider-based portrait retouch
  • Artistic background blur with the bokeh effect

3. ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW can serve both as a standalone program and a Photoshop plugin. Mostly aimed at RAW manipulation, this image editing software brings its users top-tier tools for quick and efficient enhancement. Apart from basic instruments, it offers niche features like panorama stitching, lens correction, and smart face retouching. There are also layer editing tools and a respectable set of stackable filters. Despite having a relatively easy workflow, ON1 Photo RAW still requires some time getting used to due to its somewhat confusing interface. But arguably the biggest downside to this otherwise attention-worthy program is that it has a tendency to lag.

Top features of ON1 Photo RAW:

  • HDR merging and panorama stitching
  • Collections of filters, textures, & borders
  • Chromatic aberration correction
  • Metadata editing
  • Custom brushes

4. CyberLink PhotoDirector

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a multifunctional photo app for Windows 10 that includes cataloguing and editing features. Among its most prominent features are AI sky replacement, content-aware object removal, GIF creation, and a body slimming tool. Although PhotoDirector does not have as many powerful tools as, say, Lightroom, it certainly surpasses the Adobe product in terms of available brushes and other painting tools. Another advantage of this photo editor is its relatively easy workflow. PhotoDirector is however not without certain drawbacks. The biggest of them is the software's demand on hardware. 

Top features of CyberLink PhotoDirector:

  • Panorama stitching 
  • Support of tethered shooting
  • Provides access to stock images
  • Layer editing support

5. ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor 

ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor is the flagship of the renowned software developer. It exclusively works with RAW images and offers quite a number of editing features. The toolkit includes (but is not limited to) colour and tone correction, colour LUTs and effects, smart object removal instruments, and portrait retouching features. Gemstone Photo Editor is relatively easy to use and has a simple and welcoming interface. Sadly, this software for Windows 10 has no image browser for you to flip through your RAW images. 

Top features of Gemstone Photo Editor:

  • A set of graphic design tools
  • Layer editing
  • HDR effects and LUT presets
  • Premade templates for social media posts

6. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is photo editing software for Windows 10 that can safely be called a simplified version of GIMP and Photoshop. It shares a lot of essential tools with these giants while leaving the more complex and confusing instruments out. Paint.NET allows for basic photo enhancement, layer editing, and effects application. The toolkit can be easily expanded through free plug-ins. The program has a pretty streamlined interface and is quite easy to master. But don't expect any hi-end tools for this image editor for Windows 10. Pain.NET has the idea of simplicity at its core, and all the advanced and pro-level instruments have been purposefully omitted. 

Top features of Paint.NET: 

  • Customizable interface
  • Layer and level-based tools
  • Toolkit expandable through plug-ins
  • Decent collection of brushes

7. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is a photo program for Windows 10 that can be used as a cataloguing tool and as a capable photo editor. PaintShop Pro relies on its AI in all the editing aspects, from colour correction to portrait retouching. The software supports RAW files and lets users batch process their images in terms of dynamic range and color correction. This editor wouldn't be a Corel product if it didn't also feature a wide range of vector drawing tools. What's more, PaintShop Pro also comes with built-in templates for collages and flyers. This is a powerful photo editor that can rival the industry giants. However, this prowess comes at a certain price, as PaintShop Pro is a RAM-hungry program.

Top features of Corel Paintshop Pro: 

  • Graphic design tools
  • Raster and vector editing
  • Collection of collage templates
  • Social media integration
  • Library of enhancing presets

8. Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs is a software suite that is not only aimed at photo editing but at video enhancement as well. The suite includes a photo editor, DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, and Sharpen AI, Mask AI, Adjust AI, JPEG to RAW AI tools. The essence of these tools is in their names, so we would focus our attention on the photo editor element of the suite. This is not a regular photo editor per se, but more of an artistic program that allows you to create gorgeous HDR-style artworks. The editor is AI-driven, which greatly contributes to the beautiful look of the edited images. All the tools within the suite sport a clean minimalistic interface and simple workflow. But the suite is not devoid of disadvantages - all the tools are sold separately and each costs quite a lot. 

Top features of Topaz Labs:

  • Peerless AI performance
  • Mask tools for finer editing
  • Collection of stylizing presets
  • No-artefact sharpening

9. Polarr  

Polarr is both a Windows 10-based program and an online service. Praised by users for its toolkit, which includes both basic and advanced features, Polarr also has a very welcoming and easy-to-navigate interface. The software offers RAW files support, pro-level tools for colour and dynamic range adjustment, a vast collection of filters and gradient masks. Since Polarr is free, it will be ridden with ads, so be ready for it.

Top features of Polarr: 

  • Auto enhancement tool
  • Collection of filters and overlays
  • Convenient edits previews
  • Own Wiki-like tutorial site

10. Fotor

Fotor is another photo editor that is both available for desktop and online. It mostly employs one-click enhancements, but also provides enough tools for manual correction of exposure, colour balance, dynamic range and whatnot. Fotor is also equipped with a RAW file converter, a batch processing feature, a vast library of stylish effects, and a collage creating tool. Despite having a few painting instruments, Fotor isn't exactly suitable for making graphic designs from scratch. Overall, this photo editing app for Windows 10 is fairly easy to use, provided you get accustomed to its confusing interface. 

Top features of Fotor:

  • Decent portrait editing tools
  • One-click enhancing presets
  • Curves and HSL tools
  • Body slimming feature

11. Canva 

Canva is more of a graphic design tool than a proper photo editor, although it does have some tools for fixing common photo issues. The main purpose of this web-based application is the creation of all sorts of visual materials. Canva comes with a tremendous set of templates for ads, posters, flyers, social media posts, CVs, etc. As for photo editing tools - those are mostly limited to simple modifications and a set of filters. Canva is a freemium application, which means that while you can definitely use it for free, your options of templates will be severely limited.

Top features of Canva:

  • Thousands of templates for visual materials
  • Customizable graphic elements
  • Collaboration mode
  • Stock image library

12. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a refreshingly easy-to-use online photo editor. It is mostly aimed at casual users that need to fix their images for their blogs and Instagram posts, so don't expect any hardcore post-processing tools from it. Still, with PicMonkey, you can easily perform any basic enhancements, apply filters, retouch portraits, and decorate your shots with text, clipart, and frames. This picture editing software sadly has no batch processing feature and requires a stable Internet connection for bugless performance.

Top features of PicMonkey:

  • Big collection of filters and effects
  • Slider-based editing tools
  • Collage layouts and templates
  • Efficient portrait retouching

13. BeFunky

BeFunky is yet another online photo editor for Windows 10 that mostly panders to non-professionals. It is packed with essential post-processing tools, portrait editing instruments, nice-looking effects,  as well as templates for visual media creation. Just like other similar applications, BeFunky has an intuitive workflow and clear interface. However, the more interesting features and tools are only available in the paid version.

Top features of BeFunky:

  • Built-in collage wizard
  • Access to stock images
  • Comprehensible tools for portrait editing
  • Collection of artsy filters

14. Inpaint

Inpaint is a photo editing program for Windows 10 with a severely limited toolkit. The developers have chosen to stock the program with the most used and sought-after features and make them as good as possible (rather than have a bloated toolkit where every tool's performance would be subpar). This is what Inpaint is good for: removing odd objects, deleting watermarks and date stamps, and healing of scratches, blobs, and creases from old photos. There are basically no additional features.

Top features of Inpaint:

  • Peerless object removal
  • Swift results
  • Tool to restore blank spaces in panoramas

15. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is PC software that combines a robust photo editor, an easy collage maker, and a convenient cataloguing program. It has all the necessary post-processing tools, along with a few advanced photo restoration instruments. PhotoScape supports RAW files and allows for batch editing. There are quite a few filters and a GIF creation feature. Still, the picture editor has a tendency to diminish the quality of your shots after editing.

Top features of PhotoScape:

  • One-click photo correction
  • Convenient photo management tool
  • Tons of collage templates

16. PhotoDiva

PhotoDiva is free photo editing software for Windows 10 that primarily focuses on portrait retouching. There are tons of AI-powered presets that can retouch the model's face in a click - smoothen the skin, whiten the teeth, remove dark circles, etc. Manual slider-based instruments are also present. PhotoDiva offers a nifty virtual makeup tool, instruments for objects removal, a face and body sculpt feature and over a hundred artistic filters. The software is also equipped with essential instruments for image enhancement, cropping, sharpening, etc. PhotoDiva has a streamlined interface and is easy to navigate. Still, the software has troubles processing larger images.

Top features of PhotoDiva:

  • Automatic beautifying presets
  • Face and body sculpt tools
  • Virtual makeup feature
  • Easy background change tool
  • RAW files support

17. PortraitPro

PortraitPro is another portrait editing software that is considered to be the top of its game. It is equipped with a smart AI and offers both manual and automatic beautifying tools. There are also a batch processing feature, objects removal instruments, and lighting brushes. PortraitPro even offers AI-powered sky replacement to make your shots even more Instagram-worthy. The software is perfect for newbies due to its intuitive workflow. However, we advise you to use the beautifying effects sparingly, since they have a tendency to bring a little too plastic-looking results.

Top features of PortraitPro:

  • Support of RAW formats
  • Ability to beautify even profile shots
  • Peerless facial features detection
  • Quick background removal

18. PhotoGlory

PhotoGlory is a photo editor for Windows 10 that has a strictly limited toolkit, but in this case, it is for a good cause. This software was developed specifically for restoring old photos. It is equipped with a well-trained AI that is capable of automatic restoration and colourization of old images. There are also manual tools for defect removal as well as an array of colour correcting instruments that will help you boost faded colours. Despite being advanced in its features, PhotoGlory is fairly easy to use and does its job well, even though it can occasionally crash. 

Top features of PhotoGlory:

  • Automatic and manual colourization
  • One-click restoration of old images
  • Batch colourization of images
  • The Curves and 3D LUTs for colour correction
  • 150+ stylish effects: vintage, toning, etc.

19. AKVIS Retoucher

AKVIS Retoucher is another image editor that offers tools for old photo restoration. All the fixes are performed automatically - you just need to pick the right processing mode. The program also allows you to improve your regular - modern - images by colour correcting them, deleting random objects from them, and improving their composition. There is little more AKVIS Retoucher can do, so its value for money is questionable.

Top features of AKVIS Retoucher:

  • Automatic defects removal
  • Easy odd objects concealing
  • Colour correction tools

20. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher is yet another photo restoration software for Windows 10. It employs a semi-automatic scratches removal and can even convert B&W images into coloured ones. The software is equipped with colour and lighting correction tools, as well as object removal instruments. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher sports a clear albeit outdated interface and has a fairly intuitive workflow. However, some users find the program somewhat buggy.

Top features of SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher:

  • Quick defect removal
  • Easy-to-use colourization feature
  • Portrait retouching tools

This has been our roundup of the best photo editing software for Windows 10. We hope you were able to find the perfect tool for all your needs and causes. We won't insist on you picking a certain program out of the list, since they greatly vary in terms of tools and price. Weigh in on your budget, initial skills, and aspirations, and you'll know what photo editor to choose.

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