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Wednesday 2 November 2022

Xiaomi dabbles with phone concept with a Leica lens mount on the rear

Xiaomi's 12S Ultra has been used to create a new concept phone, one that can take a full-size Leica lens and mate it with that 1-inch camera sensor.

The new concept is one that Xiaomi has started to tease across its social pages while a video also shows off just how things might go down. That's if this concept ever turns into a shipping phone which, right now, is far from guaranteed.

If it does though, this thing will be pretty sweet. Based on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, this concept uses its 1-inch sensor to full effect by giving owners the chance to clip on a full-size camera lens. That would mean photographers wouldn't have to make do with the relatively small one built into the handset, allowing for even better photos. What's more, we aren't talking just any lens here - the concept shows Leica's M-series lenses being used.

Leica already has its fingers in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra after working with the Chinese company on its camera system, but this concept takes things to a whole new level - including a secondary 1-inch sensor just for good measure.

Xiaomi reckons this concept would offer photographers the chance to take 10-bit RAW photos with upgrades to the built-in camera app allowing for various fine-tuning capabilities.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this will ever see the light of day if only because it seems like the market for it would be relatively small.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/xiaomi/163248-xiaomi-s-concept-phone-tries-a-full-size-leica-lens-on-for-size

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