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Thursday 3 November 2022

WhatsApp Communities rolling out

WhatsApp announced a new feature called Communities earlier in 2022, and it's now confirmed that it's rolling the system out for all users.

The feature has been in testing since April, and lets organisations or groups of users have sub-groups for easier divided-up chats while still all being under the same umbrella.

This means it's a little bit like being in a Slack or Teams system at work, where you can chat to anyone you like but there are set groups or channels for you to join.

For example, you could have a Community that features all of your friends, but groups within that for discussing things that only some people are interested in talking about, or for events that some people can't attend.

This is pretty handy, and it also means that admins can reach everyone in a community using an announcements channel, for when telling everyone some news is key.

Alongside Communities, WhatsApp is also implementing the promised change to raise group limits from 512 up to 1024 participants, and the limit for video calls up to 32 people.

Finally, new in-app polling will make it simpler to choose between some options in a group, without needing to use an external site for a show of hands.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/whatsapp/163260-whatsapp-communities-rolling-out-meta

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