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Thursday, 17 November 2022

Lenovo Tab Extreme leaks with a big screen and slim bezels

An unannounced Lenovo tablet has appeared on the Google Play Console with what looks to be a big screen and slim bezels.

Spotted carrying the name Lenovo Tab Extreme and the model number TB570FU, the tablet hasn't yet been made official and could well get a different name by the time it does. We do know some of the specs though, and an image confirms that the tablet will have a large display with a selfie camera hidden in one bezel. They're all nice and slim, but we don't get to see the back of the device.

The lack of a profile image also means that we don't know how thick this thing will be. However, specifications accompanying the entry point to 8GB of RAM and a MediaTek Dimensity 9000-series chip. That big display appears to have a 3000x1876 display, too.

As for software, we see mention of Android 13 but we can't see what kind of skin Lenovo might lay over the top of it. In fact, we don't know all that much beyond the basic specs and how the tablet looks from the front. But it seems unlikely that we will need to wait too long for Lenovo to spill the beans if it's already popped up in the Google Play Console.

The Android tablet space is getting ready to explode with Google having already confirmed that the Pixel Tablet will arrive next year. In a market where many people simply opt for the cheapest iPad they can find, more tablets with Android running on them is a risky business. Unless they're so good you can get away with calling them Extreme, that is.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/tablets/news/lenovo/163483-lenovo-tab-extreme-leaks-with-a-big-screen-and-slim-bezels

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