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Tuesday 8 November 2022

Elon Musk's Twitter could be paywalled for everyone eventually

Twitter owner Elon Musk reportedly discussed putting the social network behind a paywall and it still might happen in the future.

Since Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion last month the company has thrown various ideas for making money at the wall. The latest is a revamped Twitter Blue that includes verification, fewer ads, and more - although it's now been delayed until after the U.S. midterm elections. But that isn't Musk's only idea of how to make money from Twitter's users.

According to a new report Musk and adviser David Sacks have already been discussing what could come next, with putting the entire social network behind a paywall not beyond the realms of possibility. The plan would see everyone given free access to Twitter for a limited amount of time each month, with everyone who wants to go beyond that left paying a fee for continued access.

It isn't clear how much Twitter would charge people to get behind the paywall or if it would simply repurpose Twitter Blue, but it doesn't look like the change will happen imminently. As The Verge notes, what's left of Twitter's team - around 3,700 were laid off last week - is already hard at work getting Musk's pet projects off the ground.

That doesn't mean that Musk and Sacks won't revisit the idea of charging for Twitter in the future, however. Some people are already beginning to delete their Twitter accounts given Musk's arrival, but the potential paywall might help speed that process up.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/twitter/163309-elon-musk-s-twitter-could-be-paywalled-for-everyone-eventually

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