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Sunday, 14 August 2022

Varla Eagle One overview - Dual motor for a high-power scooter for $1699

Dual motor electric scooters are great for moving around because of their numerous advantages. The powerful motors of the electric scooters provide the power needed to get you moving fast. Varla Eagle One dual motor electric scooter is one of those powerful electric scooters that can provide a powerful thrust to your boring life.

The weight distribution is better handled by two-wheel drive electric scooters for adults. This is due to their weight distribution in front and rear. Moreover, they have better traction and stability on wet and slippery surfaces, allowing faster acceleration. Their ability to handle turns, corners, and moving up and down hills is legendary. 

Let's move on further to explore the mighty Varla Eagle One dual motor electric scooter. 

Quick overview of Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter

The Varla Eagle One dual motor electric scooter is the go-to bike for tough terrain since it has extra-large 10-inch off-road tires. This scooter has two 1000W motors, which together produce a staggering 3200W in nominal power.

With a 52V 18.2 Ah battery of the highest calibre and excellent lithium-ion cells, this scooter has a range of up to 40 miles and can carry a staggering 330 lbs at its maximum weight capacity. This scooter weighs a remarkable 77 pounds despite folding for storage.

This electric scooter promises short stopping distances with a Dual Hydraulic Brake and an Advanced Disc Braking System. This electric scooter has a headlight, taillight, and horn, making it safe to ride both during the day and at night. Its water-resistant construction enables riding in slick conditions.

This model's ultra-smooth shock absorbers offer a smooth journey both on and off the road. Its top speed, which is a blistering 40+ mph, makes it a strong option for cross-country riders. Additionally, the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter has a broad deck, front and rear fenders, a fast and efficient locking clamp, and an LCD display.

Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Let's dig deeper and discuss each feature of the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter in detail.

  • Build and durability

The Varla Eagle One's frame is built of aluminium alloy, like the majority of electric scooters. The 77-pound weight and sturdy frame of the e-scooter give it a high-end appearance. Especially in comparison to most scooters, the handlebars have a broader berth. They take on a curved shape, similar to a bicycle's, which improves the ergonomics and manoeuvrability of the scooter.

The wheels exude elegance and class despite being costly upkeep. In contrast to the flimsy plastic accessories seen on the majority of affordable scooters today, the LED lighting and display console feel high-end. The Varla Eagle One is a high-end scooter overall with a tonne of high-grade attachments and a coveted build quality.

  • Ergonomically-placed control dials and display

The intuitive placement of the control dials on the handlebars, which resemble bicycle handlebars, not only offers more customization choices but is also a nice change from the conventional straight handlebar found on most scooters. A large LCD console is installed next to the ignition slot on the left side of the handlebar.

Thankfully, the Varla Eagle One features a QS-S4 finger-throttle display with a wide range of capabilities. On sunny days, you won't need to stress your eyes because it is sufficiently bright. Additionally, the signals are big enough to read while standing, even when moving!

The battery level, speed, gear selection, current mileage, and total mileage are some of the notable things displayed on display. This display unit's functionality is its best feature. There is a USB port that can also be used for charging. Additionally, it has a finger throttle and two buttons.

The escooter may be turned on and off using the red power button. The second button is definitely the most intriguing. It performs a number of tasks, including selecting the ride mode, modifying the regenerative brakes, regulating the LCD brightness, and turning on the cruise control.

Although the Varla Eagle One has a high water-resistant rating, the QS-S4 display unit does not. You are advised not to go outside in the rain because of this. A horn, a single/dual motor switch, and two brake levers mounted on the right side of the handlebars round out the controls.

  • Acceleration and top speed of Varla Eagle One

The Varla Eagle One only uses one motor when in Eco Mode. This causes a steady, moderate acceleration, giving you plenty of time to get used to the new pace. On the other hand, since both of the scooter's motors will be operating concurrently in Turbo Mode, it is better suited for experienced riders. The ensuing surge of power is powerful enough to force an untrained rider to send the scooter skidding into a spin.

The Varla Eagle One is a great commute partner for folks who need to travel greater distances quickly. It has a mind-blowing 40 mph top speed. This feeling can be incredibly terrifying for a vehicle that is supported by two 10-inch wheels. To completely handle a scooter at such a pace may require a lot of practice and experience. Fortunately, it offers two-speed settings for individuals who might not be able to handle its ferocious pace.

  • 30-degree hill climbing

One of the few electric scooters in the industry that easily navigates rough terrain is the Varla Eagle One. With its two 1000W motors, climbing hills is a snap.

One of their main problems is the quickly decreasing battery life and range of electric scooters on mountainous terrain. Due to the Varla Eagle One's robust 52V battery and regenerative braking mechanism, which sporadically transfers electricity back to the scooter, it is no longer a problem. The Varla Eagle One electric scooter can theoretically travel over a 30-degree incline without experiencing any discernible power loss.

  • Battery power and range of the Varla Eagle One

The 52V lithium-ion battery in the Varla Eagle One is awesome. The battery guarantees that the best electric scooter can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge, in addition to supporting the LED display unit and the LED lights. The typical range of an electric scooter is only 15 miles, which helps put things into perspective.

The Varla Eagle One also includes a special feature that is only found on a few bunches of leading scooters: a dual charging system. If only one charger is used, it will take the battery 8â€"9 hours to recharge fully. Nevertheless, the addition of a second charger reduces this period to 4-5 hours, saving time, especially for those who commute every day.

  • Motor power

Each of the wheels of the Varla Eagle One is equipped with a pair of 1000W hub motors. Together, these motors produce a whopping 3200W of power. They can be activated separately for a slower and steadier ride.

Eagle One competes favourably with the greatest scooters on the market, with a top speed of 40 mph. In addition to being the ideal motor for speed, it also has enough power for off-roading and hill climbing.

  • Powerful dual suspension

A dual-suspension system is included with this electric scooter. Each wheel features a spring-coil suspension that swings separately and is fixed in place by a strong swing arm. Small adjustments can be made to the swing arm to customize the tightness of the spring coil to the user's preferences. Additionally, it provides the e-scooter with a tough and athletic appearance that is sure to catch people's attention everywhere you go.

  • Headlights and tail lights

The Varla Eagle One has a powerful LED headlight with a lifespan of more than 30K hours that it utilizes to brighten the road ahead at night. Additionally, it has a brake light for visibility and to warn other motorists. Perfectly positioned on the extremities of the deck, the front light and taillight are shielded from physical harm.

  • Dual hydraulic brake plus advanced disc braking 

A sophisticated braking mechanism is required to stop a two-wheeler safely from a speed of 40 mph. The Varla Eagle one incorporates a dual-hydraulic braking system for this purpose. Each wheel has a hydraulic brake that is individually adjustable.

The brakes function similarly to those on bicycles. The rider must press the lever on the left side of the handlebar to apply the rear brake. The front brake is operated via a lever on the right side.

Nevertheless, after the quick response from using the brakes, there is a risk of falling. To limit the risk of injury from falls, it is advised for inexperienced riders to first apply the rear brake before applying both brakes after the e-scooter has slowed down. It just takes a little getting used to, so this shouldn't stop you from purchasing this fantastic scooter.

The Varla Eagle One also employs clever regenerative braking and an ABS to prevent the danger of unexpected stops due to locked wheels.

  •  Superb ride quality

Simply by glancing at the Varla Eagle One, you can tell how comfortable it will be. This adaptable scooter is designed to navigate both uneven ground and flat surfaces. Independent suspension that is simple to adjust enables more comfortable rides and customization that is responsive to the terrain.

Based on the terrain, the 10-inch pneumatic tires also permit modest deflation/inflation to enhance the riding experience. The Varla Eagle One also has a provision for seat installation, which is useful for longer distances.

  •  10- Inch pneumatic tyres

Since this is a high-performance electric scooter, it only makes sense that these are pneumatic tires instead of solid, flat-free ones. The two 10-inch pneumatic tires on this Varla Scooter are designed to handle rough surfaces easily. The benefit of air-filled tires is that they significantly better absorb shocks than their solid equivalents. Varla's comfortable ride over the steep ground is indicative of this.

  •  IP54 water resistance rating

The Varla Eagle One, which claims to be the "ultimate off-roading beast," has an IP54 water resistant designation. This indicates that it won't be harmed by water and that it can stroll across puddles and pools. Nevertheless, the QS-S4 LCD is not weatherproof against torrential downpours. It is advised that riders avoid leaving during a rainstorm for this reason.

Overall performance of the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter

The Varla Eagle One scooter's potent dual motors are one of its most notable features. Two 1000W hub motors that produce an impressive 3200W of power are conveniently mounted on the front and rear wheels. Varla's remarkable 40 mph speed is the result of its raw power.

However, the dual motors have been refined for more than simply speed; they are also a treasure for ascents up hills. The Eagle One efficiently overcomes inclines of 30 degrees, whereas the majority of scooters stall on inclines above 15 degrees.

This electric scooter offers a very comfortable ride on all surfaces due to its flexible dual suspension system. The grip-tape-fitted deck is roomy enough to support a side-to-side standing position even for larger riders, so comfort has not been sacrificed.

Even when travelling at 40 mph, the dual hydraulic brakes mounted on each wheel offer the e-scooter the much-needed stopping strength. The Varla Eagle One has a modest but crucial feature that gently retains the handlebar at a forward-facing position to prevent unexpected sideways movement for enhanced stability at this high speed.


With its stylish, robust, functional, and overall affordable design, the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter is worth its weight in gold. Even though it offers a lot more features and capabilities than its rivals, this electric scooter is one of the most affordable in its class. In addition to providing outstanding comfort and speed, its range is enviable at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a powerful and speedy dual-motor electric scooter that can guarantee comfort and affordability, then Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter can be your ultimate choice.

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