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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Sennheiser launches latest TV headphones - RS 120-W

Sennheiser has another audio product coming for anyone who wants a more tuned-in TV listening experience, whether because they have hearing issues or simply have sensitive neighbours.

The RS 120-W offer up an on-ear experience that will beam your TV's audio directly to you with super low latency thanks to Sennheiser's own system, LE audio.

This uses low-energy Bluetooth to transmit in a new LC3 audio codec, and is similar to the tech behind the TV Clear in-ear buds that it also now sells.

The RS 120-W comes with a charging station for when you're not using it, and this also doubles as the transmitter, with a 60-metre range.

Battery life on the headphones stands at a very decent 20 hours, and since you're only likely to use them for TV watching that's likely to be more than enough for even the longest of binges.

You can pair more than one set of headphones to a single transmitter in case you want company while you watch, while the headphones can be used in Speech, Music or Normal sound modes for different sound signatures according to what you're watching.

Pre-orders are open on the RS 120-W now from Sennheiser for £119.99, €129.90 or $129.95, ahead of a proper release date on 30 August 2022.


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