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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Samsung unveils Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, the rotating bezel is gone

At its summer 2022 Unpacked event, Samsung announced a whole family of new devices, including the latest iterations of its Galaxy Watch. 

In something of a departure from its usual style though, Samsung has launched a Galaxy Watch 5 and a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, with the latter replacing the Classic models and - in doing so - getting rid of the rotating bezel. 

In core functionality, the two models are practically the same, and have taken what was good about the Watch 4 and evolved it. 

That means you get Samsung's BioActive sensor on the underside for all-day heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. For 2022 though, Samsung has improved the sleep user interface to give you better insights into your sleep quality. 

Using Samsung Health you get access to personalised coaching and tips on how to improve your own sleep, as well as reports on your snoring. 

Of course, you can use the watches to track workouts and activities too. With 2-3 minutes of HR tracking after cardio sessions you'll gain better understanding of how well your body recovers from intense workouts. What's more, you'll get told how much hydration you need post-workout. 

As mentioned, there are two models. The regular Watch 5, which is made from aluminium and comes in two sizes (40mm and 44mm), and the Watch 5 Pro (pictured directly above) which is 45mm and built using titanium and sapphire crystal glass. 

They're similar in design, but not identical. All models are round, and feature Samsung's two-button control on the side. The Pro model is thicker though, to incorporate a bigger internal battery. 

For those who want customisation and personal expression, the Watch 5 will likely make the most suitable choice, with the option for several metal case colours and a number of strap colours and materials to choose from. 

The Watch 5 Pro comes in dark grey or black, and features a new D-Buckle sports band, making it really easy to snap-on and off of your wrist. 

So why the 'Pro' name? That's primarily to do with the performance. Where the Watch 5 has a 284mAh battery (which is 30 per cent bigger than the Watch 4's), the Watch 5 Pro has a much larger 590mAh cell. 

That means a full charge will last you a lot longer on the Pro, and also makes it more suited to outdoor activities. 

Samsung knows this too, and equipped the Pro model with additional features designed for the outdoors. You can navigate outdoor routes using the watch with turn-by-turn guidance. Plus, there's a 'Track Back' feature that can help you find your way back to your starting point. 

Similar to Apple Watch, Samsung is making customisation a big part of the buying experience this year and will offer up a 'Watch Studio' on its site, allowing you to choose your look and style before checking out. 

Like their predecessors, all models are waterproof and use a magnetic wireless charging disc to refill the watch when empty. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 will be available from £269 when it goes on sale on 26 August, while the Watch 5 Pro will - understandably - cost more at £429. Both are available to pre-order from 10 August.

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