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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Insta360 launches the Link, a 4K webcam with a 3-axis gimbal

Insta360 has launched its first-ever webcam, and in keeping with the brand's other wild designs, it's quite a bit different from your average webcam.

The Insta360 Link has a built-in 3-axis gimbal, making it look a bit like the DJI Pocket 2, but this camera will live at home rather than come with you on adventures.

The gimbal is used to track you as you move around the room, like a more robust version of Apple's Center Stage feature.

Insta360 is marketing the webcam to online educators, content creators and remote workers -  offering a new level of versatility for their live streams and conference calls.

The camera can easily switch between showing your face and a top-down view of your desk for practical demonstrations or reviewing documents.

There's a built-in clip for attaching the webcam to a monitor or laptop screen, and also a tripod thread if you need to mount it somewhere else.

When it comes to specs the Insta360 Link shoots at up to 4K 30fps and has a 1/2-inch sensor, which is much larger than the majority of webcams available today.

It uses phase-detection autofocus to keep things crisp and has an HDR mode for scenarios requiring some extra dynamic range.

The Link has gesture control support that allows you to activate things like follow mode and zoom by making shapes with your hands.

If you're keen on taking your live streams to the next level, the Insta360 Link is available to order today and comes at a price of $299.99 / £318.99 / €369.99

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