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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Himiway Zebra ebike: The updated version of the classic Cruiser

The need and demand for electric bikes is always on the rise. With the development of technology and advancements, ebike lovers are looking for the best ebike on the market.

Different needs and different lifestyles ask for another type of ebike. Some riders need the ebike for a daily commute, and some for physical activity. No matter the reason, the ebike is prevalent, and its popularity is only growing. 

Electric bike trends

In the biking world, the ebike is getting a lot of attention. It is safe to say that it is currently one of the most trendy commuting options for those looking for suitable ways to avoid public transport and being stuck in traffic.

The trendiness of the ebike started to grow first during the time of the pandemic. The ebike was on the market as a vehicle, but people were oriented toward the classic bike. 

The pandemic brought some new rules that mainly depended on and suggested keeping a social distance. This influenced those traveling by public transport or sharing a ride with others.

The ebike became an excellent solution to preserve health in all of these cases and many more. On the one hand, it was a perfect opportunity to remain social distance and commute to the places you needed. On the other side, it provided a moderate physical activity that was very limited in times of pandemic. 

Additionally, with so much pollution on the planet and on the environment, the ebike is highly beneficial. It does not pollute the air, does not release harmful particles, and is a complete eco-solution and a better option than a car, for example. 

Lately, the most significant trend about electric bikes comes from the economic aspect. With the global situation of the rising process of gas, the ebike has become an appropriate, affordable, and more than a suitable option for all those who are looking to save on their daily rides. 

Himiway, a brand that specializes in the most unique and technologically-advanced electric bikes, has introduced a new bike to its range. The very well-known Cruiser, one of the best-selling too, got its upgraded version. It is Zebra â€" a new long-range ebike that is already selling fast. 

Introduction to Zebra

The newest introduction in the Himiway ebike's offer is Himiway Zebra. It is a premium all-terrain electric fat bike. It is an updated and upgraded version of the highly popular Himiway Cruiser. The newest addition comes with a powerful 750W gear hub motor.

Also, the inner ring is additionally upgraded for better performance. When it comes to tires, they are almost the most essential for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. Himiway Zebra comes with a 26-inch fat tire.

As such, it strengthens the traction and prevents slipping. This is very important for a safer and more enjoyable ride. It is also suitable for different kinds of terrain as well as weather condition like mud or snow, which are no problem for Himiway Zebra. The battery is removable, with higher capacity, allowing covering more mileage.

Zebra vs Cruiser: comparison

On a first look, there is a difference in how both electric bikes look. As a new and upgraded version from the electric bicycle Himiway Cruiser, Zebra has smoother lines on the frame. The handlebars are positioned lower compared to the ones on the Cruiser.

Additionally, the battery in Zebra is much more elegantly placed on the frame and blends well with the ebike, which is not the case in Cruiser, where it looks like it stands out. As for the layout and the design, these are the two most distinctive features. 

In terms of performance, Cruiser has a bit weaker battery of 840Wh compared to the Zebra's 960Wh. However, the motor power in both the ebikes is the same. As an upgrade to the Cruiser, Zebra's battery has a longer lifespan and can cover a more extended range. Also, one essential aspect is the shorter time needed to charge the Zebra ebike compared to the Cruiser's time. 

In terms of the heaviness of the ebikes, Zebra is a bit heavier than the Cruiser, resulting from the more severe and bigger battery.


There is no doubt that both ebikes, Cruiser and Zebra, are exceptional in their performance. With the differences mentioned above, Zebra is a better solution for those who want a more powerful ebike that will cover a more extended range.

Also, Zebra has a better design, which can also be an essential detail for those who pay attention to the look of the fat tire ebike. The price difference is also worth mentioning, with Zebra as a new model costing around $400 more than Cruiser. However, it all comes down to personal preference. 

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