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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Fitbit will no longer sync with PC or Mac from 13 October

For a while now it's been possible to sync your Fitbit with your computer. That's partly because Fitbit's intelligent fitness trackers have been around since before smartphones were so commonplace. 

The Fitbit Connect app would allow you to connect your favourite fitness tracker to your machine and then collect your data and sync it with Fitbit's servers so it could be easily seen in the dashboard. 

Fitbit Connect also offered users the ability to transfer music from a computer to a Fitbit for offline listening while on the move. 

Now though Fitbit has announced that it's no longer going to be possible to sync your Fitbit with your Fitbit Connect from 13 October 2022. It seems that very few people were using the Fitbit Connect app and so Fitbit is pulling the plug. No surprise given that the smartphone app is now pretty powerful and only older Fitbits were supported anyway. 

The updated support pages explain when the Fitbit Connect app is going away and what to do instead. Which is essentially to download the phone app. Since Fitbit Connect is the only way to transfer music for offline listening, many users may be frustrated. 

Fitbit has announced that it will be possible to transfer offline music via both Deezer and Pandora but only if you're in the United States and only if you're willing to pay for those services. You do have the option for online listening but your phone will need to be in range, which might mean taking your phone with you when you go for a run. 

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