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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Adidas RPT-02 Sol are latest headphones to use solar charging

Adidas is following in the footsteps of Urbanista by releasing a pair of headphones that can charge from the sun - the RPT-02 Sol.

A follow-up to 2021's RPT-01 on-ears, the headphones were actually first teased by Adidas back in 2021 itself, when Gustaf Rosell from Zound Industries detailed plans for the RPT-02 Sol to Digital Trends.

The headphones use Exeger's increasingly widespread Powerfoyle technology to get extra playtime when you need it - up to a massive 80 hours of playback on one charge, apparently. It's not clear how much this is augmented by Powerfoyle itself, but it's a great figure for those who don't like to charge their devices often. Powerfoyle has been used by Urbanista on both in-ear and over-ear headphones recently.

Water resistance is a must for headphones that are clearly geared toward exercise, and IPX4 means sweat will be no issue at all, while the fabric-based design should make them comfortable on that side too, like the RPT-01.

There aren't huge differences in design from the RPT-01, in fact, beyond some more latticed Powerfoyle coating on the headband, and they're again on-ear headphones. Refreshingly, Adidas is touting the fact that most of the plastic in the design will come from recycled sources.

The headphones will be available on 23 August 2022 directly from Adidas for £199.95, a little bump over the RPT-01's price tag that's likely explained by the more complex requirements of the Powerfoyle integration.

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