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Friday, 17 June 2022

WhatsApp is rolling out more privacy options

WhatsApp is rolling out some privacy options to give you more control over who sees what about your profile on the social media service.

The changes will give you the option to choose who sees your profile picture, "about" information, your status and your "last seen" time.

These settings have been in testing for quite a while, according to XDA Developers, but are now going to be open to all of WhatsApp's users, after it confirmed the rollout itself.

 To further protect your privacy online, we're rolling out new options to your privacy control settings

Now you can select who from your contact list can see your Profile Photo, About, and Last Seen status. For more information follow this link: https://t.co/UGMCx2n70h

â€" WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) June 15, 2022

In each case, according to WhatsApp's own updated guidelines, you can choose from the following categories of who can see your information: everyone, anyone in your contact book, anyone in your contacts excluding certain specific contacts you choose, and nobody at all.

This leaves you able to either keep yourself completely private or build up a contacts list of people that you trust enough to have your information, which will be a welcome change for anyone who felt WhatsApp was a little too liberal in how it shared out details.

On the latest version of the app, you should find the new options under Account > Privacy in the app's settings menu.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/whatsapp/161558-whatsapp-privacy-controls-last-seen-profile-picture

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